Lady Gaga To Kick Off The Super Bowl With The National Anthem

The National Football League announced that they will be adding Lady Gaga to the lineup for the Super Bowl 50 festivities. The program will be broadcast live on CBS before the kickoff of the game between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. Lady Gaga has been chosen for the time-honored tradition of singing the national anthem during the program festivities. The Academy Award-winning actress Marlee Matlin will also be joining the pop star by performing the national anthem in sign language.

In recent years Billy Joel, Carrie Underwood, Idina Menzel and Jennifer Hudson have also had the honor to perform the anthem at the Super Bowl 50.

Lady Gaga is an American icon who started out by trying her hand at school plays. She was noticed by recording artist Akon for her vocal talents. She released her debut album “The Fame” in 2008 and hasn’t looked back since. Her second album “Born This Way” has topped the charts in more than 20 countries. Her music has displayed an influence by classic 1980s pop and 1990s Europop. Lady Gaga has also attempted to switch genres by dabbling with Jazz in her album “Cheek to Cheek”. Her fashion sense has constantly been labeled as outlandish and definitely one of a kind. She has been seen wearing outfits made out of plastic bubbles, Kermit the Frog dolls, and even raw meat.

Lady Gaga will also be doing a special performance at the 2016 Grammys and pay tribute to David Bowie who passed away recently. She will also be performing at the Oscars to be held at the end of this month. Her fans are delighted at her climb in the music industry. Her transition from an upcoming artist to a pop icon has inspired many youngsters in the new generation.