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Tips On Finding And Hiring The Right Electrician

Finding and hiring an electrical engineer to do or fix the electric wiring in your house is not as straightforward as flipping thru the telephone book. Many times, homeowners plunge into hiring an electrical engineer without doing any background investigation. They need to start asap, and in the midst, they finish up wasting money on an electrical engineer who does shoddy work or charges too much. If you would like an electrical engineer who is excellent and reliable, not to mention charge an acceptable price, you’ll need to spend a while doing your research. So how precisely do you settle on the correct electrician? Below are a few things you can remember when searching for an excellent electrical engineer.

* Remember that electricians are professionals who have undergone training in electrical work. This is why you are better off paying an electrician to do the electrical work on your home instead of doing it yourself.
* Make sure the electrician you intend to hire is qualified. He should be licensed or have a permit to perform electrical jobs.
* If you are hiring an apprentice, keep in mind that he should be under the direct supervision of a licensed electrician since an apprentice is not qualified to work alone yet.
* Go with an electrician with years of experience in electrical work.
*It is wise to ask for references and give those references a call. A good and honest electrician won’t hesitate to provide you with the names of people who have hired him in the past. Call these people and ask about the quality of the work performed by the electrician or if they encountered any problems dealing with him.
* Ask an electrician for a quotation and a report on how he will carry out the electrical job you need to be done on your home. Find out if the price quoted includes labor and materials or is just for labor. Remember that materials prices may increase from when an electrician gives you a quote to when he starts work. In addition, find out if the estimate an electrician gives you also includes cleanup and removal/disposal of replaced electrical components.
* Ask the electrical craftsman you mean to hire to offer you a detailed material and work price sheet. Agree on the figure in this price sheet before beginning the job. Look out for electricians who ask for at least 30 percent of the price of 1st materials. Remember, it is a standard practice among contractors to mark up materials to cover the time they spend picking up the materials and gas to supply them to your house.
* Attempt to get the electrical engineer to offer you a “hard date ” for finishing the job, and put this in writing. That’ll help you plan and organize your house alongside hinder you from going over budget.
* The baseline is this: before starting any do-it-yourself or mend project like an electric repair job, explain any issues you have with the electrical engineer you are hiring. It’s also vital to put everything in writing before the job starts so everything is clear and the entire project goes smoothly.


Why You Need A Quality Surge Protector

A quality surge protector can go a long way in saving you time, hassle, and money. Surge protectors protect equipment that you plug into it from receiving too much electricity. This is important because too much electricity can ruin your electrical appliances. This may not seem like a big deal, but you probably would not be pleased if you came home one day and found that your new desktop computer, laptop, and television were all broken beyond repair due to a power surge. Power surges generally happen during storms. Though you may feel you are protected because you always make sure to turn off electrical equipment during a storm, think again. Do you truly always turn off every piece of electrical equipment in your home during a storm? How do you turn off these appliances when you are away from home when the storm starts?

The point is that everyone is at risk of having electronic appliances ruined due to a power surge at some point or another. This is quite a shame since a relatively inexpensive surge protector could have saved this hassle. If you do not have surge protectors in your home, you should first head immediately to an electronics store or an electronics department of a retail store and look at the various surge protectors. You want to ensure that you get one that can switch off if the voltage gets too high to be safe for the equipment that you have hooked up to it. You do not want a surge protector that will lessen the voltage it conducts because these kinds are far more likely to malfunction. They are the cheaper ones, but this is one of those cases where you get what you pay for. It is probably worth springing for a higher quality product if you have expensive electronic appliances that you are trying to protect. If you are unsure which particular surge protector will best fit your needs, you should ask for assistance from a salesperson at the store you go to. The salesperson should be well versed with the various surge protectors sold in the store and should be able to point you in the direction of a surge protector that will meet your needs. The first time there is a storm in your neighborhood, and you overhear a neighbor mentioning how his brand new plasma television just got ruined, you will smirk on the inside, knowing that your electronic assets are safe in your home because of your surge protector.


Minimizing risk while doing live Electrical work

Live work is electrical work where some part of the equipment being worked upon is still energized. This can pose many risks to anybody in the vicinity, and it’s essential to follow a procedure when approaching such a task. The dangers involved with live work can vary hugely. For example, opening a household appliance with the power on to test specific components may have a significant risk of low-consequence hazards such as an electric shock and possible minor electrical burns. Still, severe harm and fatality are a low probability. On the other hand, a high voltage situation with a large amount of energy transfer (a common occurrence on an industrial site) can damage somebody and has a high chance of fatality should an accident occur.

A commonly overlooked danger with live work is when the energized equipment is not the equipment being worked on. In many situations, workers working on equipment near exposed live electricity have overlooked electrical dangers and suffered because of it. It should be remembered that whatever you may be working on, especially in industrial situations where high energy lines are pretty standard, electrical dangers should always be considered. One of the most obvious tips for staying safe is working on a powered-down system. It is rarely more dangerous to shut a system down before doing work, so if it is possible to shut it down, that should be the course of action to take.

Live work should be considered a last resort. Also, don’t leave testing equipment until something goes wrong. A lot of the time, live work must be performed because of a fault. By carrying out safety checks and simple maintenance before something is likely to have gone wrong, issues and potential risks can often be avoided. Many precautions must be taken when it has been determined that it is unreasonable for the work to be done with the power down. Assessing the level of risk is the first step. In high voltage systems, specifically those over 400v, arc flashes become a real risk. On such systems, even when working with hot sticks and hydraulics a distance from the actual live equipment, there is still the risk of the blast wave – molten metal exploding out from the source and (easily overlooked) high energy Electromagnetic (EM) radiation. The molten metal can still easily ignite non-flame-resistant clothing, which is a significant cause of significant injury and fatalities in arc flash incidents.

It should also be remembered that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) does not offer universal protection. Many systems operate at huge lower loads and, during an arc flash, can reach temperatures exceeding 20,000 degrees Celsius, at which point there are no known substances that don’t vaporize. Finally, it must be taken into account that everybody who happens to be nearby is potentially at risk from all of the dangers coming from an arc flash, so where applicable, safety barriers and warnings need to be put up to make sure no more people than necessary are put at risk and that all those people are aware of the dangers around them. Knowledge is vital, and these steps save lives, so keep everything in mind when working on dangerous electrical systems.



Our Electrical Company focuses on assisting property owners like you. You can expect to receive first-rate service if you hire electricians from our established firm. We know how to find and eliminate electrical hazards with ease. When it comes to performing upgrades or troubleshooting faulty systems, we’ll deliver superb results. With our speedy approach and extensive knowledge, we can quickly get jobs done on time. Don’t hesitate to let us step in with our tools when you discover a loose live wire or a dead outlet. We’re equipped to help you with a broad range of issues. Call on us for assistance with the following:

Electric panels
Lighting Installation
General electrical work
Commercial electrical work

As a resident of Texas, you’ll be a priority for our services. Our philosophy is to treat customers fairly, and we’re licensed, bonded, and fully insured. Before we have electricians carry out a task at your property, we’ll happily give you an accurate estimate. Call today to schedule your appointment.


If the electrical system at your business is causing a problem, turning to our company would be wise. Our company is locally owned and operated. We’re committed to excellence, and our team consists of highly experienced commercial electricians. No job is beyond our scope. You can trust us to install and repair your fixtures and wiring. Since we don’t believe in delay, we have what it takes to perform a thorough upgrade quickly.

You depend on your electrical setup to keep you comfortable, productive and entertained. And at the heart of your electrical system is your electric panel. As established electricians, we have the tools and skills to install and repair electric panels. Whether you’re looking to update an older home or are building a new property from the ground up, we are at your service to provide the thorough, dependable electrical work you’re looking for.

Whenever you have a situation that calls for seasoned electrical contractors, depend on our company to lend you a hand. We’ll tackle your assignment, handle it meticulously, and finish it promptly. As punctual professionals, we have a reputation for doing jobs right. You’ll be delighted to know that we can deliver exceptional results on any project.

Your lighting is essential in keeping your business or home comfortable and functional. So when it comes to lighting installation, it’s necessary to enlist the help of a team that’s genuinely dedicated to your satisfaction. And that’s precisely where we come in. We offer reliable lighting installation services to home and business owners.


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Central Heating & Air Conditioning – Residential & Commercial Emergency 24/7 Service

If you need an electrician, you have come to the right place. From minor repairs to installations, we offer Service You Can Count On. We service residential, industrial, and commercial clients and specialize in residential electrical repair. No matter what electrical problem you may face, we have the solution. Our technicians are fully licensed and trained professionals. We are ready to help. We treat every home that we walk into as our own.

Our technicians go the extra mile to ensure our customers feel delighted with our service level. We aim for complete customer satisfaction. Our electricians stand behind every job that we do. We are committed to delivering top-quality electrical service at affordable rates. We aim to ensure that our clients are completely at ease when dealing with us. There are no surprises, no hidden fees, and no hassles. We want to make the whole ordeal as seamless as possible. To begin with, our team is committed to being on time because we realize how important your time is. Also, our technicians ensure that the job site is left clean when completing our repairs and services. You can count on us to finish the job right the first time.

What do we do?
With decades of experience in the electrical service industry, there’s nothing we can’t handle. We do anything electrical-related. That means we know how to resolve your issue. There is no job that we consider too big or too small. If you have an electrical problem, don’t hesitate to call. You can rest assured that we can resolve your issue. We are the one-stop shop for all of your electrical repair needs. Our team is dedicated to helping you resolve your electrical problems. Our primary goal is customer service. Our company motto is always to put the customer first. Our clients are always number one, our highest priority. If you aren’t happy, then we aren’t satisfied.

Let us see what we can do for you. We are standing by to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to seeing how we can help you. We specialize in quality Heating and Cooling throughout the USA. Regarding Attic Cleaning, we can have a team take care of all your needs.

Professional Air Duct Replacement and Repair Services. We use the best material and HVAC practices in the industry. We specialize in quality electrician services.
Regarding Attic Cleaning, we can have a team take care of all your needs.
Professional Air Duct Replacement and Repair Services. We use the best material and HVAC practices in the industry.

We offer free estimates and affordable pricing; contact us today to get more information on our electrician services. Need Heating and Air Services? We are dedicated to helping the local communities with their Electrical Services!


Electricians – Our Services!
All Things Electrical! Home & Office
Here are the many professional services we are proud to serve you with! Call Us Today!

Appliance installation
Air conditioning installation
Electric water heaters
Generator transfer systems
Power generator
Breakers & Fuses
Tripping breakers
New breakers
Obsolete breakers
Noisy breakers
Hot breakers
Main breakers
110-volt circuits
220-volt circuits
Computer circuits
Dedicated circuits
Ground fault circuits
Attic fans
Bath fans
Ceiling fans & Exhaust fans
Exterior lights
Interior lights
Landscape lighting
Low volt lighting
Recessed lighting
Security lighting
Track lighting
Code compliance
Home electrical inspections
Panel inspections
Outlets & Switches
Adding Garage outlets
GFCI outlets
Relocate panels
Replace obsolete panels
Upgrade panels
Upgrade service
Move meter
Replace meter
Surge/Lightning/Fire Protection
Panel Protection
Phone protection
Power strips
Smoke detectors
TV protection
Whole House protection
Basement finishes
Detached garage wiring


Travel Charge – We Tell You Up Front About Our Travel Charge, No Surprises, No Hidden Charges. It doesn’t fluctuate based on whether you want same-day or next-day service. Everyone gets charged the same thing, not who you are or how big or little your home is.

Our Competition – They will charge you more the first hour, more for materials, and not tell you about it at all and hope you don’t notice it. Some companies in the area charge you more ($150!) if you want someone to come out today or charge you more based on what part of town you live in or how much money they think you make. That’s not right!

Warranties – We have at least a (1) year warranty on all parts and labor and up to (5) years on many things. Our goal is to fix it right once, the first time. For some reason, if it fails, we will be out day or night to fix it at no cost to you. We state the warranty on every invoice.

Our Competition – Typically, the most extended warranty in the industry is about (1) a year on parts and labor, and good luck getting someone to honor it. It can be typical, “we will be out there next week,” just because they know they aren’t getting any more of your money.

Guarantees – We are confident we will do the job right; we are willing to say that if you aren’t 100% satisfied, you don’t have to pay us anything. That is how we guarantee our work and state that on every invoice.

Our Pricing – We price by the job, not the hour. Our Up Front Pricing gives you the final price before we ever start any work. If it takes us longer than expected, you’re not charged; our technicians are trained to make the repairs efficiently, saving you time and money.

Our Competition – They price by the hour; the longer it takes, the more they get paid. At the end of the service call, they tell you how much material and labor it was, and you have no choice but to pay for it. That’s not fair.

Scheduling – We give you a small two-hour window and call 30 minutes before we get there. Plus, if we don’t show up on time, we will pay you $25!

Our Competition – They typically give at least a four-hour window, call if you beg pretty please, and hardly ever show up on time, and when they don’t, you don’t get anything for your inconvenience.

Technicians – About 1% of technicians that apply are given a job. That’s 1 out of 100. They underground background checks, drug testing, aptitude tests, and technical tests, and then are trained for several weeks before sending them out to your home. We want to ensure that whoever is coming to your home knows what they are doing and you feel comfortable with them. All technicians are licensed.

Our Competition – They typically don’t perform background checks or drug tests on their employees. If they do, no company continually trains their employees on safety, frequently drug tests, and constantly keeps a happy work atmosphere more than our company. Basically,
The higher the number of people, we don’t; enough said.

Same-Day Service – We offer same-day service to customers daily; we understand that your problems need to be fixed now!

Our Competition – Depending on the time of year, you may be lucky to get someone in the next couple of days. Overall, we think our competitors are terrible people or are trying to get the best of someone, not intentionally. Do we do more than them to earn and keep your business? You know it! We are dedicated to being the best electrical service company in town, and we aren’t stopping until we are there. We don’t like to call them evil and as good; we look at them as being “different.”


Each week, various power outages occur. Some people notice breakdowns caused by a surge in their network or have to do with an installation that is too damaged. To make the most of their electrical installation, individuals would even like to have their switchboards changed. If such situations arise, it is wiser to use a qualified technician to regain proper use of your electrical system. We come here; thanks to our many years of experience, we know the best craftsmen, ensuring you quality services, even in an emergency, for affordable prices. Ours is the best electrician company in the area.

Our team, consisting of qualified electricians, ensures quality intervention in installing, renovating, and repairing electrical systems. For many years, our teams of skilled technicians have been walking the streets in 10 regions of the USA to help our customers. Over time, our company has acquired the experience necessary to provide the benefits of connecting an electrical panel, heating installation, lighting, or a power outlet. Our specialists also supervise emergency assistance in case of a general power outage or disturbance in the domestic structure.

Electrician difference
We are specialized in all general electrical work since the creation of our company. You can request our intervention to carry out an installation project on new construction. Our team also renovates or brings an existing facility into compliance. Do not hesitate to call on our service to take care of regular or punctual maintenance of all types of electrical installation. We also have in-depth expertise in designing and constructing various fire safety systems. With our experience in the field, we serve customers from different sectors.
Entrust us with your residential, commercial, or industrial electrical work. We guarantee the intervention of a highly qualified team experienced in all types of intervention. ​

This includes and is not limited to the following:

-Construction and Renovation
-Electric Heated Floors
-Panel Change and Installation
-Electric Heating & Electrical Outlet
-Exterior And Interior Lighting
And almost anything electrical..!

Work In Compliance With Standards
The installation of a new electrical network and the building or replacement of an electrical panel are among our specialties. Whatever the electrical installation work to be carried out, we guarantee our work’s reliability, security, and durability. For each mission, we are committed to putting the best skills into the work. We regularly carry out our interventions in strict compliance with the safety and quality standards in force. Whether working on a residential building, an office building, a shopping center, an agricultural building, etc., we are the professional for you. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the new electrical equipment available on the market, we guarantee you a modern and efficient installation. Submit your project and get a quick estimate of the cost of the work. ​

Expertise And Know-How
​We offer a full range of services for all electrical work on a new building or under renovation. In the business for over 35 years, we can intervene in all electrical installation projects. Are you looking for a professional to carry out the electrical system of a newly built house or building? Call on the expertise and know-how of our team of qualified electricians. We will deliver work to you following the quality and safety standards.

We Protect Your Home With Total Security
Our electricians are experts in electrical repairs. Call us to perform the maintenance or revision of your home’s electrical installation. Our electricians are available 24 hours a day to complete urgent tasks. Trust our professionals to change plugs, brush, repair bells, and install lamps, halogens, or downlights. We have the authorization to carry out the official issuance of electrical bulletins and certificates of electrical installations for your complete peace of mind. Request your budget without compromise. ​

Why Choose Us?
Customer satisfaction and consistent service quality are our inspiration for us. We continuously transport happy effects, and we will guarantee that we are the best electrician near you. We constantly ensure that each task is particular and polished very well. We’ll cope with your area with pinnacle great carrier and five-megastar outcomes.

Experienced In All Electrical Installation ​Work
An electrical installation carried out by our team ensures flawless reliability. In addition to building, we can also modify or renovate an existing electrical network. You can also call on our skills to design and build a fire safety system adapted to your building. Do not hesitate to use our services to install various electrical equipment. Whatever your request, we will provide you with sound advice to complete your project. ​

Choose A Professional Intervention
We work on your new construction or commercial building under renovation to take care of various electrical works. We have qualified and experienced commercial technicians among our staff. This allows us to satisfy all requests for intervention within a short time. We carry out all electrical connection work. You can also call on our services to install various equipment: electrical panels, circuit breakers, lighting, fire alarm, heating, etc. Also, do not hesitate to request our intervention to bring the electrical installations of your commercial space into compliance.

High Level Of Service Quality
We are proud of more than thirty years of experience in the building electricity sector. This continued presence in the business allows us to meet the needs of our customers in the commercial sector. Whatever the type and the scope of your project, our technicians ensure to respond effectively to your requests. To do this, we rely on our knowledge of recent techniques and new equipment available on the market. Quality, efficiency, durability, and safety are among our watchwords in the execution of each project. Submit your work to us and benefit from an in-depth study and a detailed estimate. ​

Benefit From A Full Range Of Services
In addition to design and installation, our services extend to regular or occasional fire safety system maintenance. With a team of fifteen qualified electricians, we can guarantee the permanent availability of our services. Besides, you can entrust us with other electrical work such as installing an electrical network, a heating system, etc. Submit your project and get a quick estimate of the cost of the work. Our advisers reserve personalized support for you.

Your satisfaction is our priority.
We are very familiar with electricity issues and do our best to respond quickly. An electrical failure is paralyzing for a home. Our experienced electrician will be able to arrange your concern with ease and answer all your questions. Thanks to our presence throughout the area, we intervene by appointment or during the day in an emergency. Do not stay without electricity and call us now! ​

Team of the right professionals
The fear of too high costs, uninsured appointments, or a questionable diagnosis keeps many people from asking a craftsman for a diagnosis for safety diagnosis. Precisely, we strive to select the electricians who offer services for us throughout the region to provide all those who contact us with a very satisfactory experience. With exceptional knowledge, high-performance equipment, and many technicians throughout the area, our company is the right choice to solve most of your electrical problems. We can install an electrical panel, check your electrical installations, and move around when you experience outages for a quick repair. We realize what is necessary so that our services are fast and sustainable. ​


Are you looking for an electrician for new construction or an electrician for the renovation? Look no further; we are here to offer you quality services. For your new home or your renovations, our company knows about it and can provide you with the best solutions according to your needs. Electrical work is integral to planning before undertaking new construction or renovations. Since circuits and wires often pass through walls, you need to know your plans before starting work and thus block access. Our company understands your situation and applies the best techniques to help you plan and execute your projects wisely. We offer the highest quality electrician for new construction and electrician for renovation! ​

Why hire our electrician for the service?
It is essential to call on certified and reliable professionals to undertake work of an electrical nature. Indeed, if the person you choose to do this work is not certified, there is a risk that the work is poorly executed and that this creates unfortunate problems, such as a short circuit or an overload on your appliances. Besides, there is even a risk of fire! Trusting an electrician for new construction and renovation is better.

We offer an electrician service for new construction and renovation in the residential sector. If you are renovating your home or you are in the process of building your property, trust us to offer you a fast and professional service! ​

Commercial and industrial buildings
Buildings with a larger surface often have a more extensive and powerful electrical network. They, therefore, require particular expertise so that the work is completed correctly. Our company has the necessary experience in this area and can complete your project.

School Building
Are you in charge of building a school and need to hire an electrical contractor with experience in this environment? Our company will set up a safe moc electrical network for students and will accompany you at each stage of your project. Contact us today. We are fully qualified to carry out your work!

Do you own a theater and want to do business with a master electrician for renovations or new construction? Our company is knowledgeable in electrical circuits for all buildings, including cinemas.

Apartment buildings can request a significant speed of service if you have tenants who reside there or will soon move in. Our company understands this need and ensures we undertake the work quickly and efficiently.


Panel Change And Installation

Looking for a service to change or install an electrical panel? Would you like to add electrical outlets or buy other electrical devices, but your switchboard does not allow it? Is your residence over twenty-five years old? If so, an upgrade to your power board would be required. Do not let anyone do this electrical work if it is not professional; otherwise, in case of any breakage, you could have many problems. An electric shock can be deadly, just as a malfunction can cause a blaze.

Usually, installing an electrical panel involves new construction or replacing a meeting that does not comply with current standards. Therefore, booking the services of a qualified expert is your best protection. ​

The Hydro network brings electricity to your home using two live wires and a neutral wire. These are connected to the distribution panel on the main circuit breaker and then distributed on the various secondary switches to go to the electrical circuits of your residence.
​It is helpful to be aware that the electrical panel preserves the security of the circuit group in your house.

Installation of the electrical panel – Experts in Electrical Panel Installation
There are two types of switchgear, those with fuses and others with circuit breakers. The fused model was widely used until 70, except it is now on the verge of extinction. Also, many insurance companies are demanding that they are renewed with a circuit breaker panel. We must remember that the electrical panel is the brain of your home. By using the services of our company, you will benefit from corrections to your electrical input to ensure you have maximized and protective capacity for upgrading your electrical installation. ​

For new construction or a change of panel, our electricians have all the required assets, training, skills, and licenses to accomplish their trade in the rules of the art and professional ethics. The quality of our work is offered to you to respond quickly and efficiently to your requests. We proudly obtain confidence, consistency, and references from our customers. ​

Free estimate on our electrical panel installation
We mainly offer our services in the area. On the other hand, individual contracts could be executed outside this area depending on the need for desired services. For your protection, please don’t wait any longer to carry out your electrical work; contact our team of electrical specialists today to request a free quote on your project!


Electric Heating & Electrical Outlet

Are you looking to connect electrical heating, electrical outlets, and switches? We offer all of these services. Electric heating is 100% efficient at its point of use, which means that electricity instantly turns into heat, which is not the case with other systems. Its installation and maintenance are less expensive, and its lifespan is much longer than other systems.

Electric heating requires no maintenance or annual inspection compared to other systems, the latter being equipped with components that deteriorate quickly, and their replacement is expensive, which differs from the electrical system, which has few or no moving parts.

Advantages: ​
Safe, no fuel
Reliable components
Advantageous versatility
Environmentally friendly
Long-term investment
Effective control
Comfort and well-being guaranteed
Protection against fluctuating fuel oil prices

Naturally, when installing an electric heating system, it is advisable to call in qualified experts in this field since, in most cases, it is also necessary to ensure the installation of sockets. We offer a quality electric heating connection service! ​

Connection of electrical outlets
What maximum outlet sockets can we install on a residential or commercial circuit? Should we calculate the switches as outputs? We offer the connection of electrical outlets. Strict standards must be observed to prevent the dangers of inadequate electrical outlets. Sadly, these risks do exist since two out of ten residential fires, on average, are of electrical origin. A reliable electrical energy system in residence is not a selection; it is necessary! ​

Quality electric heating, electrical outlet, and switch service
With us, this is the experience we offer you since we have all the required assets, namely knowledge, skill, professionalism, and state-of-the-art equipment, to properly manage your work, from start to end, depending on your needs and budget.

Over time, our company has acquired the experience necessary to provide the benefits of connecting a less electrical panel, heating installation, lighting, or a power outlet. Our specialists also supervise emergency assistance in a general power outage or disturbance in the domestic structure. Each of our professionals allocates you a unique service respecting the reliability rules required by the industry. Your satisfaction being our concern, our team will meet with you to respond quickly and actively to your needs. Our commitment is your guarantee!

Trust us! Take the time to contact us today to request a free quote on your project.


Exterior And Interior Lighting

Are you looking for an exterior and interior lighting connection service? Do redevelopment ideas stimulate your thoughts? New lighting could soften or intensify your favorite places with a pure reflection. Whether inside or outside, a change in lighting will ensure a personal decoration in your spaces by playing on your objects and the surrounding colors. This thus amplifies your well-being during moments of leisure or relaxation, by accentuating the performance when necessary, during studies, or other and could create an effect intensified by a play of colors, so many alternatives by light. The lighting will reflect the harmony in your interior or exterior, a magic touch wherever you are.

Trust us for our exterior and interior lighting expertise.
When planning outdoor lighting, usually consider installing a transformer and ensuring that the current obtained has a current of 12 to 24 V., according to current safety standards. ​All the more reason that with our seasons and weather variations, there is no chance to be taken, the risks of accidents are very significant except that the use of very low voltage limits the use of high-power bulbs.

Outdoor and indoor lighting
It is impossible to imagine halogen lighting for your landscaping with this low voltage. On the other hand, it will fill you with a warm landscape, an inviting path, a relaxing gap, or others from dusk. In the case of a more powerful lighting request, a connection to 220V will be required. For one or the other, call on a professional in this field; harsh laws and standards govern the rules for electricity use. ​Free estimates are offered on our exterior and interior lighting services.

Our electricians have all the assets required to perform their job according to the rules of art and professional ethics. The well-being of our customers is our priority; our team gives you personalized service according to your needs and budget forecasts. The exceptional quality of our service will bring harmonious and rational results in consideration of your expectations.

Several laws and regulations govern the profession of an electrician. Only master electricians, members of the Corporation of Master Electricians of USA, can install, renovate, replace or repair your lighting in part or as a whole. To each his job! ​With us, this is the experience we offer you since we have all the required assets, namely knowledge, skill, professionalism, and state-of-the-art equipment, to properly manage your work, from start to end, depending on your needs and budget.

Over time, Electrician Pasadena has acquired the experience necessary to provide the benefits of connecting a less electrical panel, heating installation, lighting, or a power outlet. Our specialists also supervise emergency assistance in a general power outage or disturbance in the domestic structure. Each of our professionals allocates you a unique service respecting the reliability rules required by the industry. Your satisfaction being our concern, our team will meet with you to respond quickly and actively to your needs. Our commitment is your guarantee! Trust us! Take the time to contact us today to request a free quote on your project.

Do you dream of a unique atmosphere inspired by the effect of lights around you? For a luminous outcome, trust us! Please take a few moments and contact us immediately to request a free quote on your project.


At our company, we provide outstanding electrical repairs and services from rewiring to panel upgrades. Our commercial electricians will help you on time. Call us today.

Highly recommended commercial or residential electrical work is hard to come across. Our company is the go-to electrical contractor when something isn’t working correctly. From new installations to diagnostic services and electrical repairs, no one is more trustworthy compared to our company. For a residential or commercial electrician, please get in contact with us right away.

When you need quality commercial electrical work done, turn to our electricians. As established electricians, we have the skill, training, and experience necessary to complete your installation or repair job. Whether your property’s electrical system is brand new or completely outdated, we will work around your current setup to complete your project to your satisfaction. Everything from new installations to generator repairs can be performed quickly and at an affordable cost. Businesses from the area have trusted us. Our commercial electricians are known for going above and beyond to deliver the best service to each customer we work for. Any commercial electric work will be handled promptly, and you will be quoted an affordable price. When you need commercial electric work done fast, who can you call? A trusted electrical contractor that you can turn to in a time of need.

We are pleased to be considered one of the top commercial electric companies to work within our community. Our electrical contractors are the best in the business. They have led the way for other companies, from residential to commercial electric services. For your business, only the best commercial electrician will do. Our company has a large customer base and receives excellent reviews from their many satisfied customers. For any electrical repair, remember to call the team that is dedicated to your satisfaction.

One growing area of our business is our power generator department. We sell and install generators for residential and commercial use.
Besides sales, we also offer generator repairs if you notice a problem. Regular maintenance can also help to prevent costly generator repairs in the future. You never know what could happen during a storm. By being prepared with a power generator, you can save yourself a lot of trouble in the future. If you have a power generator for your home or business, consider having us inspect it. We lead
the way in generator sales & service for the area. With a quick tune-up, your unit can be ready whenever needed.

Trusted and professional electrical repairs
Seasoned commercial electricians, we are licensed, insured, and up-to-date on the latest safety codes and requirements. And when you hire us, you can feel confident that your project will be addressed in an organized, thorough fashion. As a customer, you can expect the following:

Reasonable rates
Prompt, reliable service
flexible appointment scheduling

When you work with a professional electrical contractor like ours, you can rest assured that you’ll have all your questions and concerns addressed before your project even begins. For more information or to request a quote, call us today. You can rest assured that your quote is always a great deal. Our commercial electricians go above and beyond to deliver unmatched service throughout the area. For
wiring, generator repairs, and more, call us first. Quality commercial electricians are hard to come by these days. We know what it takes to keep customers coming back for life. The best commercial electric service you can always count on is right here. Call today, and we will be out as soon as possible. We work with many great companies, so ask for references! We handle repairs for power generators and all commercial and residential services.

Products & Services
Residential wiring, commercial electric, electrical repairs, generator repairs, parking lot lighting, sign repair, building lighting,
generator repair sales and service, hot tubs, and service upgrades.


For SAFE, quality & affordable electrical services, contact us. We are a fully licensed, insured, and professional electrical contractor offering safe, quality, and affordable electrical services to residences and businesses. We have a unique dedication to providing top-class services to ensure that all your appliances operate at their optimum and that you are safe from any foreseeable electrical accident.

Well Trained and Experienced
The experts in our team have well-trained and experienced technicians who can complete jobs safely, reliably, and quickly. Since we know that time is of the essence and you don’t have the whole day to wait for electricians, we move with enviable speed from when you make the first call to when we complete the requested services. Allow us the honor to be your preferred electrician and experience services from real experts. For our FAST, FRIENDLY SERVICE

24/7 Electrical Services
Our Electricians have the experience and knowledge that gives us the versatility needed to offer a wide range of electrician services. The services we offer, both for residential and commercial clients, include but are not limited to the following:

Electrical repairs and maintenance upgrades services, i.e., circuit breakers, switchboard, panels installation of ceiling fans and chandeliers
Suburb and repair underground wiring
Installation, repair, and maintenance of generators
Christmas light installation

Rewiring time-tested and safe electrical repairs.
Whether you need the old cloth-covered wiring replaced or you want to install a completely new electrical system, our competent wiring team will quickly but safely install your wiring to meet, if not exceed, your expectation. The same vigor and dedication are replicated whenever you need any other kind of electrical repairs from us. Emergency electrical services provide emergency local electrical services on a 24/7 basis. We know how imperative it is to have all your electrical systems and appliances running smoothly at all times. We also know the dangers associated with mishaps that might occur in such scenarios. Due to this, we are always ready to respond to your emergency calls within the shortest time possible to restore your electrical safety to normalcy so that you have nothing to worry about.

Get in touch with us for answers. Contact us if you need these or any other electrical services. Let us be your preferred local electrician, and we promise to offer you the highest quality services.


Home Electricians

Residential Home Electrical Repairs
Your home should be a comfortable and safe place for all. But for this to happen, your electrical systems and appliances should all work smoothly and efficiently. For this to be guaranteed, it is imperative to seek the services of a qualified electrician for regular inspections as well as repairs and maintenance whenever issues arise within the systems or in with the appliances. The following are some of the duties that our company can do within your premises:

Chandelier Installation
An adequately installed chandelier can be a jaw-dropper when visitors walk into your home. Chandeliers look magnificent in modern and traditional homes, and for you to make the most out of them, you need expert assistance in installation. Our electricians are the most suited professional for such a task.

Electrical Maintenance
Likely, you occasionally encounter problems with your electrical systems or appliances. Some of these issues can be purely random, while others may be due to misuse or neglect of the methods or the devices. A residential electrician has the necessary training and has acquired all the skills needed to offer various electrical maintenance services.

Home Rewiring
Most of the electrical fires at the home result from poor home wiring. A residential electrician can inspect the wiring in your home to ascertain its integrity. They can offer home rewiring services to make your home safer and compliant with the relevant building codes.
You will know you need rewiring when you stay in a relatively older house where lights keep turning on and off for no reason, when you hear buzzing sounds emanating from different electrical points, and when you are doing a renovation.

The other services you can get from a residential electrician include installing smoke detectors, installing TV antennas, installing surveillance cameras, hot tub wiring, and home electrical system inspection, amongst others.

Call us For our FAST, FRIENDLY SERVICE 24/7 Electrical Services.
We have the experience and knowledge that gives us the versatility needed to offer a wide range of electrician services.


Licensed Electricians

Are you experiencing trouble with your electrical appliances or need repair and maintenance services for your electrical systems? If that is the case, you have just landed on the right page.

Our company has a team of licensed electricians offering a wide variety of electrical services to the residents and businesses in the area. Our team has reliable and certified electricians with the skills, knowledge, and expertise to attend to any electrical problem that might be bothering you. Precisely, the following are some of the services our licensed electricians can help you with:

*All electrical repairs and maintenance – we are well versed with most electrical systems at home and business premises, and we offer all types of electrical repair and maintenance services.
*Fault finding – electrical faults can come in all types and forms. You may be experiencing perpetual problems with your appliances or the electrical system but cannot pinpoint exactly where the pain originates. Our licensed electricians have the necessary knowledge and tools to find and resolve faults so that your systems and appliances can continue to offer outstanding performances.
*Upgrade services, i.e., circuit breakers, switchboards, panels, etc.
*Electrical home inspection services – our licensed electricians also conduct expert home electrical system inspections for those moving into a new home or those keen on acquiring new property but would like to be sure that the electrical systems and the wiring system in the new place are safe and functional.
*Switchboard upgrades – Using an outdated switchboard causes frequent power blackouts and puts the lives of the occupants of the premises in danger. You can avoid this by using the service of our licensed electricians to remove faulty and outdated switchboards and replace them with safe and more functional models.

Call us today if you need these or any other electrical services. Our licensed electricians are ready to offer you safe, affordable, and reliable services.


Lighting Electrician

When it comes to lighting, you are not only interested in environmentally friendly solutions to meet the lighting requirements of your home or commercial premises, but also you need proper installation services to ensure the safe operations of the lights. This is precisely what a lighting electrician does, and our company is privileged to have a competent, well-skilled, and experienced team of such electricians.

Other than helping you get the perfect lighting systems for your space, our environmentally friendly lighting solutions also help you reduce your carbon footprint and lighting expenses. Whether you need outdoor or indoor lighting solutions, we are confident that we will provide you with service that will exceed your expectations.


Residential Lighting Solutions
Our residential lighting solutions will not only take care of the proper installation of all your residential lights but also replace all the worn-out or broken bulbs in your rooms. From installing regular bulbs to sophisticated chandeliers and Christmas lights, you can trust our residential lighting services to create jaw-dropping looks at your home. Additionally, we can give professional recommendations on the type of lights and the rooms’ orientation that will generate the best effects and offer the best functionality.

Commercial and industrial lighting solutions
We also have the versatility to offer safe and reliable commercial and industrial lighting solutions. Some of the industrial and commercial lighting solutions we offer include:

Industrial Pendant Lighting
Warehouse lighting
Factory lighting
Installation of dimmers
LED high-bay lighting
Exhibition displays lighting
Garden lighting
LED Strip lighting
Emergency and exit lighting
Shopfront and retail lighting

Call us for these and any other lighting needs, and we will be delighted to provide quality, affordable, and environmentally friendly lighting solutions.


Local Electrician

If you are searching for reputable local electricians whom you can trust with all your electrician needs, then we are glad to let you know that you have landed on the right page. Our company has been providing solid electrical solutions to commercial and residential clients, and you can rely on our experience and expertise for all your local electrician needs.

We are delighted to let you know that in as much as we offer a whole range of electrical services, we also specialize in everything electrical, from commercial electrical design to high-end custom lighting. The following are some of the other benefits you can expect to get from us:

Electrical repairs and maintenance
Upgrade services, i.e., circuit breakers, switchboards, panels, etc.
Installation of ceiling fans and chandeliers
Suburb and repair underground wiring
Installation, repair, and maintenance of generators
Christmas light installation
Rewiring etc.
Time-tested and safe electrical repairs

Whether you need the old cloth-covered wiring replaced or you want to install a completely new electrical system, our competent wiring team will quickly but safely install your wiring to meet, if not exceed, your expectation. The same vigor and dedication are replicated whenever you need any other kind of electrical repairs from us.

Emergency electrical services

We provide emergency local electrical services on a 24/7 basis. We know how imperative it is to have all your electrical systems and appliances running smoothly at all times and the dangers associated with mishaps that might occur in such scenarios. Due to this, we are always ready to respond to your emergency calls within the shortest time possible to restore your electrical safety to normalcy so that you have nothing to worry about.

Get in touch with us for answers. Contact us if you need these or any other electrical services. Let us be your preferred local electrician, and we promise to offer you wit.



Residential Electrician
Whenever you experience any electrical fault at home, you never want to call amateurs to come and look at it. All electrical problems at home fall within the domain of residential electricians. They are the only people with the proper knowledge, skills, and training to look into issues within your electrical systems and appliances.

Maintaining electrical systems
One of the duties you can task the residential electrician with is maintaining your residential electrical systems. For instance, faulty wiring is the number one cause of residential electrical fires. If you notice such faults at home, the best thing to do is to get on the phone and call a reputable residential electrician for proper rewiring services.

Electrical Safety Inspection
A regular electrical safety inspection is also essential for the continued electrical safety of the home. Electrical systems are very unpredictable, and as an amateur, you may never know when something is amiss until an actual breakdown occurs. The best way to avoid such is to ensure regular safety inspections by licensed residential electricians to detect the problems and offer the necessary remedies before they materialize. Call us today.

Light fixture installation
Fixing light fixtures is also a task that the residential electrician will do to perfection. You may be tempted to install the fixtures on your own, but for safety and efficiency in the installation, the residential electrician is the most suited professional. They have the tools and the skills to ensure fast and safe installation.

Surge protection and safety switches
Surge protection is to protect your electrical appliances in instances when there are electrical power surges. On the other hand, safety switches will cut off the power supply in case of system faults to prevent accidents or electrocution. Our residential electricians are the right person to install the surge protectors and the safety switches.

Other services that a residential electrician can offer include complete rewiring, smoke detectors, upgrading circuit boards and panels, hot tub wiring, installing video surveillance systems, and many more.



Rewiring Electrician
A defective wiring system in your home can have detrimental effects if not detected, and proper rewiring is done at the correct time. Other than causing damage to your electrical appliances, defective wiring can cause severe injuries to the occupants of the buildings, and sometimes the injuries may turn fatal, leading to unnecessary loss of life.

Our electricians are pleased to provide you with qualified, competent, and reliable rewiring technicians to help you avert all the calamities that might occur due to poor wiring.


When to call for electrical rewiring
Ideally, you need to call a rewiring electrician periodically to inspect your home’s wiring system, ensure that nothing is at fault, and prevent potential dangers before they occur. If you live in an old house, then it is likely that the wiring system is also old, and it may necessitate the need for a rewiring electrician.

Also, if you realize that you usually experience electrical faults such as common fuse problems or the RCD keeps on tripping, you may need the services of a rewiring electrician. Furthermore, if some parts of your home have rubber-insulated wiring, this might require rewiring.

Surge protection is to protect your electrical appliances in instances when there are electrical power surges. On the other hand, safety switches will cut off the power supply in case of system faults to prevent accidents or electrocution. Our residential electricians are the right person to install the surge protectors and the safety switches.

When you experience or notice any of the above conditions, the best thing to do is to call a rewiring electrician from our company for quick and safe services. It is hazardous to try and do the rewiring on your own because you lack the technical competency, knowledge, and expertise to do it.

Call us today for more advice or if you want to rewire your home or business premises.


Safety Switch Electrician
Safety switches are a must-have for every home and business. They are like insurance against shock and have been designed to prevent injuries and deaths due to electrical accidents. The electric switches monitor the flow of electricity in the entire circuitry and will automatically shut off the supply should there be a fault in the wiring, buttons, or electrical appliances. In this way, in case of accidents, no current will flow to the earth through a person’s body, thus eliminating any instances of electrocution.

Due to the crucial role of the safety switches, it is essential to have a safety switch electrician look at your buttons regularly to ensure safety and compliance with the guiding rules and regulations.


We can install your safety switch in a flash.

We can supply and install your safety switch in a flash. We have fully licensed electricians with the experience and expertise to offer a wide variety of electrician services, including installing safety switches. We deal with all types of safety switches and with the versatility to work on both residential and commercial establishments. Remember that besides the safety concerns of having a well-functioning safety switch, it is also a mandatory regulation that all new domestic buildings and premises must be fitted with the appropriate safety switches.

You can count on the safety switch electricians from our company to help you enhance your home’s electrical safety through our protection switch electrical services. Call us today if you need to install a safety switch or need more information on the same.


electrical 11/16/22 – gtg



The electrical service box is the first thing that is important in any electrical job. It might sound like it is a herculean task to install electrical service at your house, but it is a necessary evil, and nothing can go forward without it. If you need to install an electrical service at your house/dwelling, following these general instructions can help make things easier and make the process more pleasing for those looking to get the value for their dollar in electrical work. Generally, the electrical regulations (and they vary from state to state) allow for a service that is as big as you want but not as small. Generally, in this case, the bigger, the safer – if that can be attributed to electricity – in terms of passing inspection! There is always a definitive minimum, which is usually based on the area of your house above the ground.

In more detail, the service size usually requires 2 considerations:
1) The Load (Calculated) – This is the sum of all your potential loads after general demand factors are applied to the calculation. An average dwelling (about 1076 sq.ft.) has an electric stove and electric dyer, but for gas heating, the demand on the service is around 5000 watts, plus another 7000 watts for the stove (6000) and the dryer (1000). Again this is the load calculation, not the actual number of watts the appliance is rated on. For example, the dryer load is 1000 watts on the system if the dryer is a 4000-watt piece. This is referred to as the basic load of the system. Naturally, adding those watts up (5000+7000) is the 12000-watt load you need. Furthermore, we need to find amperes in our consideration. This is found by dividing the total amount of watts by the service voltage size. In physics, the formula is represented by a = w/v. Surprisingly, although we use 120 volts in the plugs in North America, the service voltage size coming to your panel is 2 wires by 120 each. Thus, the service voltage size total is 240v. Remember, Volts and Watts add up; amps do not! So our minimum amperage required would be 12,000 / 240 = 50 amps. Please remember that this is calculated amperage and not the minimum service size because there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE!
2) The Minimums Service Size – this is the number based on the floor area of your dwelling. Generally – 60 amp – for any dwelling which is LESS THAN 861 sq. ft. The area calculation also includes all the areas of all the floors except the basement / or underground section of the dwelling. The underground/basement area is ignored for the minimum amperes requirement. For any place which is MORE THAN or EQUAL to 861 sq. ft. – you generally need 100 amp service. As mentioned above, this includes all the floors except the basement/underground.

Considerations: Even if your total actual load is way below the service size based on your floor space – i.e., if your calculated load is 50 amps, and your floor space requires 100 amps – you need to install the service size based on your floor space, and not your calculated load amount. This is why you can have a serving size as large as you want but not as small as you’d like. The extra capacity (the difference between 50 and 100) is for future use. Even if you are never going to use it, you might one day sell the dwelling, or your kids will inherit the property, and they might want to do something with it; the extra service size has to be there to allow for this future need. In any case, most jurisdictions will not let you get away with using a service size that is too small for the area/space that you have in your house/dwelling.

60 Amp Service Size – (reminder: can only be used if total floor space is < 861 sq. ft.)- Service switch, fuse, or breaker rating – 60 amps- Hot Wire (Black) – x 2 #6 AWG 90 copper – (other colors can be red or blue)- Neutral (White) - x 1 #6 AWG 90 copper- Service Raceway – 1 inch. Or use #6 TECK Cable.- Meter Base Rating – 100 amps.- Service ground wire – #6 or larger – (this is a bare copper, twisted strand)- Service Panel Size – minimum 16 circuits. This panel can generally supply the usual plugs and central gas/oil heating. 100 Amp Service Size – (reminder: can be used for any property that is less than, equal, or more than 1076 sq.ft.)- Service switch, fuse, or breaker rating – 100 amps- Hot Wire (Black) – x 2 #3 AWG 90 copper – (other colors can be red or blue)- Neutral (White) - x 1 #2 AWG 90 copper- Service Raceway – 11/4 inch. Or use #3 TECK Cable.- Meter Base Rating – 100 amps.- Service ground wire – #6 or larger – (this is a bare copper, twisted strand) Service Panel Size – minimum 24 circuits. This panel can generally supply all the usual plugs, a central electric furnace, a boiler, and a baseboard heater.* Please remember that you need twice as much hot wire as the neutral wire. Considerations: At least 2 Spare Circuits are usually required to be left in the panel after you’ve connected all of your circuits. This is for future use. The Minimum Panel Size – is used only as a guideline for the minimum size as to your needs. A project/house/dwelling might require more circuits or a bigger panel amp rating. Always ensure you have the necessary amount of circuit space in your panel. Neutral AWG Size: – some jurisdictions require one to use the same neutral wire size as the hot (feed) wire. Check with your local authorities. Usually, it’s a good idea to use the same AWG for both the hot and neutral wires. Fused Switches: – are rarely used in residential settings, but if you plan to install a fused service switch, it must comply with your local authority regulations. Usually, the regulations require that the service conductor ampacity be equal to the calculated service load or around 80% of the switch rating, whichever is greater. For example, if your calculated service load is 120 amps, the service switch must be 200 amps. In this example, the minimum service conductor ampacity is 160 amps (80% of 200), not 120; the load conductors from the switch to the panel must also be the same 160 amps. Neutral – Can, at times, be bare; some jurisdictions will allow a Neutral wire in the service panel pipe to come from the service meter into the service panel. Something else to consider in regards to this is that using a bare wire saves you money and is easier to work with / form when pushing it through PVC piping with tight corners. On the other hand, the insulated wire can be greased easier. When a bare neutral wire is entered into the meter base, switch, or panel, it must be insulated to protect against contact with any live wires. Usually, this is not a problem as the live wires are separated widely enough for any contact with the neutral. Still, in cases where it isn’t, one must insulate the neutral wire (electrical tape) to the same thickness as the insulation of the hot wire. Also, you would insulate from the entrance until the connecting coupling (any exposed sections). ====================gtg ==================gtg Suppose you have read the information on the Electrical Terminology page. In that case, you will understand that a reduction in circuit resistance will cause an increase in current flow in that circuit and the upstream feeder and main service. We can consider a practical situation to understand what goes on when a breaker trips or a fuse blows. We will use a normal 15 Amp circuit at 120 Volts as an example. If this circuit has a load that would normally draw 12 Amps (like a kettle), we could conclude that the effective circuit resistance is 10 Ohms. We divided Voltage by Current to find this Resistance. Of these 10 Ohms, about 9.9 Ohms is in the kettle, while the cable for the circuit has about 0.1 ohms. Therefore, if the cord connecting the kettle to the receptacle were to develop a fault that allowed current to pass from one wire to the other without passing through the kettle element (commonly known as a short circuit), this would cause the current to reach a value that could be 1200 Amps. This time we divided the Voltage by the cable resistance to find the current. As the cable size increases (gets thicker) to carry more current, the cable resistance decreases, and the available fault current increases. If the fault occurs on the main cables, you may see a 10,000 Amp fault on a 100 Amp circuit breaker. If 1200 Amps appear on a 15 Amp circuit breaker, the circuit breaker should trip instantly. However, we must remember that the 1200 Amps is also present on the main circuit breaker for the panel. This may be a 100 Amp circuit breaker. In such cases, you may find that the main circuit breaker trips more quickly than the 15 Amp circuit breaker. The same can be said for fuses. Sometimes, the main fuse operates near its maximum value for a long and becomes “tired” or “stressed.” In such cases, the “tired” fuse may blow before the 15 Amp fuse. So, how do you find the cause of tripping breakers or blowing fuses? You should start by paying attention to which circuit breaker tripped. If only the 15 Amp breaker tripped, you would have already isolated the problem to that circuit. If the main circuit breaker tripped, you need to find out which circuit caused the problem. Ideally, you will have a megohm meter to test each circuit. If you rely on resetting the breaker to find the problem, this could create more damage, so this should be avoided. You should begin by switching off all of the individual circuit breakers and ensuring that the main circuit breaker is completely OFF. Test the main bus of the panel for a fault to the ground and a fault between the two “live legs” (red to black). With all breakers off, the megohm meter should show infinity. With this done, you know that the main breaker can be turned on. So switch it on to ensure it doesn’t trip with all individual breakers off. Assuming that the main circuit breaker stayed on, you now know that the problem is in an individual circuit….but which one? You now test each circuit, looking for meager resistance. Some of the circuits may have a low resistance due to the nature of the load. For example, lamps may have a meager resistance when cold. So begin by finding those circuits that have relatively high resistance. By switching on these circuits, you may get some light to work since you will likely be working by flashlight. Eventually, you will get to the offending circuit through the process of elimination. Once you have isolated the problem to an individual circuit, you need to look at how many receptacles, lights, etc., are on that circuit. In the case of the kettle example, you would unplug the appliance to see if this clears the fault. If the fault clears, this means that the kettle has a problem. In the case of a circuit with several lights, you should switch off individual room lights. Again, through the process of elimination, you will get to the source of the problem. If there are receptacles in the circuit and portable items plugged in, you should unplug all of these and inspect each of them. If you follow these steps, you should get to the root of the problem. As with most things, you will work more quickly as you gain experience. If you need to replace a circuit breaker, a light fixture, a switch, etc., to solve the problem, remember to avoid used equipment. With used electrical products, you have no way of knowing how reliable these will be, which could present safety concerns. The process above deals with a short circuit. However, sometimes, a circuit breaker will trip, or a fuse will blow due to overload. With an overload, there will be a period between each breaker-tripping or fuse-blowing episode. Usually, the overload will be on an individual circuit, but it can also happen on the main circuit breaker or the main fuse. You can use a clip-on ammeter to test the current being drawn on the main circuit breaker. This can often take some time, especially if heating loads are present. For example, it may happen only at meal times on cold days, so you need to pay attention to the circumstances present when the problem occurs. You solve the overload by re-distributing the load on individual breakers and upgrading the service if the main breaker is overloaded. You can help solve problems by taking the time to label your electrical panel to identify each circuit. When you have some spare time, use it to write down in a notebook which breaker controls each light, receptacle, etc. By doing this, you can avoid overloads by not using an already loaded circuit to plug the steam iron (air conditioner, etc.) into. ====================gtg Whether you are working on electrical equipment or working on other do-it-yourself projects, some rules apply to all situations. 1. Use the proper tools for the job. 2. Remove clutter as much as possible. Keep the work area clean to avoid tripping over items that could have been removed. 3. Wear proper footwear, dust masks, eye protection, hearing protection, gloves, etc., to suit the job. 4. Make sure ladders are in good repair and do not stand on the top or second from the top step. 5. Be aware of who is near you. This is especially important if young children are near you. Do not leave power tools where a curious child may decide to play with them. When working on ladders, be aware of what is happening below. 6. Be aware of the risks of chemical solvents or flammable liquids. Ensure that there is proper ventilation and make sure chemicals are always out of reach of children. If you must smoke, walk outside if flammable liquids are inside (or fumes). 7. Work at a sensible pace. On many projects, especially where mixed material such as cement, grout, etc., begins to dry, people panic and try to work faster. Try not to mix batches larger than you can work safely in the case of mixed material. Keep in mind that you will need light to work by for electrical work. If you start a job too late in the day, it may be dusk with the power still off. Plan and have another light source to work by. 8. Avoid awkward or heavy lifting. Ask for help with the heavy stuff, such as drywall. Also, avoid awkward stretching that can twist your back. This happens a lot when people are on a ladder that is not properly positioned for the job. 9. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Especially when using ladders, it is common for people to risk injury by trying to do it all on their own. If you need somebody to hold a ladder, you should wait until somebody can help. In the case of an extension ladder, you may need somebody to steady the ladder while you climb up and tie it securely. When the work is done, you may need help again for a few minutes to move the ladder so ask for help. The hospitals have too many heroes already. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve seen somebody lose control of an extension ladder. In some cases, other people have been injured by the falling ladder. In other cases, there are no injuries but significant property damage. Electrical Safety Electricity can certainly kill you. Before attempting an electrical project, you should remember that electricians require years of practical training and months of classroom work. The actual training time varies in different states and provinces, but 4 years is usual, with about 8 months spent in classrooms and the rest working full-time on job sites. After 4 years, the electrician is regarded as qualified (Journeyman), but he/she will always be learning. Nobody knows it all. I don't know it all as a Master Electrician with 32 years of experience. Don’t expect to be able to work as fast as a qualified electrician. The work is physically demanding. You will spend a lot of time climbing ladders and moving ladders. You must stand comfortably on a ladder while freeing both hands to do the work. After a day of climbing ladders while wearing a tool belt, you may wish that you had left the job to an electrical contractor. ========================gtg A Typical Lightning and Earthing Issue The Problem I have an alternative power system at my house in an area susceptible to lightning. This consists of a wind generator, 4 solar panels, two inverters, various controllers, and a 1200 amp/hour battery set in a small "energy center". I have already been 'hit' by a remote strike which traveled up the phone cable around the walls of the building and took out my new sine wave inverter!! Although all items were earthed and bonded to a single point, it was insufficient. All items in the system are close together. The fall-back diesel generator is also inside the same building. I have read almost ALL the literature I can find on the Web on bonding/earthing systems and the effects of lightning. My biggest problem lies in that - with the equipment available to me - I cannot sink a 3/8" earthing rod very far into the ground around the house since it is on a solid rock mountainside. Therefore, I would be glad for your advice on various issues. Response First, you don't mention either the DC voltage or the duration of backup , or the power level. I have assumed 120Vdc, 1 hour (nominal) 100A inverters. What was the route from the phone line to an inverter? Can you demonstrate that this was the path by damage, or is this an assumption? Experience tells us it is much more likely a ground strike raising the earth potential of your system and thereby causing the damage. Telephone wires are thin and unlikely to carry seriously damaging currents. Specific Questions 1. Should I use earthing rods of larger diameter? A larger diameter will not help, as the surface area is critical. However, in the solid rock, it is unlikely 1.5 meters would be sufficient. The aim of the earth rod is to achieve a low impedance to the earth of approximately 0.4 ohm. A test drilling and rod measurement would answer how deep you need to go, but this seems like a lot of hard work for little return. 2. Since I cannot drive them into the ground more than 1.5 meters should I use several 'grouped' together? Yes, this "Earth Net" or "Earth Farm" approach is advocated by several experts for overcoming high impedances to earth. 3. If so, how many should I use? This is almost impossible to answer, as there are so many variables. I'd suggest that you put in as many as it takes to get your target impedance value. 4. How should they be grouped? How far apart? How should they be joined? If you put them apart, there is a potential for current to flow between them, so whatever links them together must be low impedance. They should be grouped in a star configuration for small earth farms or a network configuration for larger ones. 5. How should I connect the various items of equipment? One expert report that I read suggested copper "strapping" rather than heavy duty copper wire. To be honest, large-diameter copper wire can cause several problems when conducting high current impulse energy; stranded or braided "strapping" is better but more expensive. It is common practice to use large single strands in external rods/nets and braids where appropriate indoors. In addition, you have the "Aerial" effect where a large loop of copper can act like the loop aerial on a TV and pick up high frequency. 6. What size strapping or wire? Back to your target impedance, there is no point getting a 0.4ohm Earth and then connecting such thin copper to it that you reduce its effectiveness, on the other hand, cost is the limiting factor upwards. 7. Where should the connections be? I'm aware that they should be to the earth point and any frame, but should they be anywhere else? I'd recommend that you avoid Loops and create Stars to your earth point. You need to make connections wherever energy can be created either by fault or by coupling effect. 8. Are the connection points themselves a particular problem? Do you have any suggestions? Again a low impedance connection is an aim, as two clean flat surfaces together are better than a clamp on a screw thread. In addition, each connection point should increase the gauge of the conductor so that the preferred path for energy is the desired direction. 9. Do I run a single cable from each item back to the rods, or can I run a "ring main" around them? I'd recommend that you avoid a loop and create a star instead. 10. What size cables/strapping would you recommend for each item? These should be the appropriate size for the likely "energy" associated with a fault, and should increase in size towards your earth point. 11. A report that I read suggested that the NEGATIVE side of the battery set (2 parallel racks of 12 x 2v [600 amp/hour] cells) MUST also be connected to the common earth. Is this correct? Not, as this depends entirely on your inverter. If your inverter operates with one side of the battery earthed, it should already be connected, although this is down to how good your earth is. If your earth is bad, the connection allows energy into the inverter front end, which is typically susceptible to damage. Conversely, if your earth is good, then this is probably a good idea. 12. What is the additional effect of connecting the batteries into the an earthing system using, for example, more or heavier rods? The only reason for increasing earthing size by connecting batteries is if they are likely to induce an earth fault, which should not apply in your case. 13. Several suppliers have suggested I include several lightning/surge arrestors. Is this a good idea? This is a vast subject. In basic terms, "lightning" cannot be arrested - the best that anyone can hope to do is divert the energy where it will do the least harm. Electricity Substations do this by using large spark "arrestors" which disconnect explosively so, dissipating energy. Large factories and new building installations tend to feature earthing, which prevents the energy from entering their wiring network by diverting it to earth rods. Typically, this is augmented by "surge suppressors," which can absorb some energy, and "surge diverters," which can divert the excess back into the earthing system. However, there is no point in diverting energy to earth if your earth is so poor it will end up dissipating anywhere you have connected to the earth. Moreover, a surge suppressor is expensive and may be a one-shot device for serious amounts of energy. Having said that, a clearly defined approach, identifying good earthing, diversion, and suppression, is what most people look for in these circumstances. Often, however, at least one of these three items will have little effect. The customer frequently needs to contact an expert when one approach has failed. 14. If I use surge suppression, how many devices will I need? Where do I put them? How do I earth them? You need to adopt a zoned approach, with larger TVSS near incomers/outgoing supplies, large pieces of equipment, and smaller devices on smaller systems. Each unit comes with wiring instructions and recommendations , including the size of the earth cable. As before, the earth cable should run back to the star point. 15. How do I eliminate the effects of lightning through and around the walls of the building? You can't completely eradicate these effects. The best you can expect is to deal with the effect and limit the damage unless you wish to line your walls with steel and bury them deep in the ground! However diverter/suppressors fitted for transmitted energy will be just as effective for coupling energy. 16. Do you have any other suggestions that could help? Three additional suggestions might help: - a. Consider earthing alternatives. A recent customer of ours ran a bare cable into the sea because he was on solid rock. b. Consider inverter technologies that are less susceptible to damage. c. Identify the REAL cause of the damage and spend money to fix that problem. The biggest problem with earthing and transient suppression is spending money on the wrong solution. ==============gtg ================gtg =================gtg use in website We’ve been the local electricians for over 35 years. In that time, we’ve firmly established our reputation as honest and reliable electricians delivering the highest quality workmanship at affordable rates. We cater to all your electrical needs, whether residential or commercial. No matter the task, you’ll always find our electricians will arrive on time and complete the work to a level you’re satisfied with. 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