Parents Worried About Child Care Benefits

In today’s world, child care is a necessary part of our life. With both parents working to meet the daily expense, it becomes crucial to find a suitable childcare solution. With the presidential election around the corner, voters are starting to realize that our government does not provide enough support for child care. In other developed countries, the governments’ help out parents with early year child care.

Europe and Canada offer their citizens paid maternity leave, quality preschools at a lower cost as well as summer activities at very nominal costs. The American public has been suffering through the indifference of their government’s attitude to childcare until now.

The lack on the US government’s part in the child care department has led to a lot of discontents and is making the parents unhappy. The main issues seem to be a lack of paid vacation and sick leave as well as the high cost of child care. It is better not to even consider college costs at the moment.

The presidential election candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have made their voice clear on this issue. Mr. Trump initially was not interested in providing paid family vacation, but recently he has changed his tune and has presented a plan for six weeks of paid maternity leave and other benefits. The proposals made by Hillary Clinton include 12 weeks of paid family vacation as well as medical leave for men and women. She also promised child care for all prekindergarten children