It is never a bad idea to keep your garden lit, regardless if it is a quiet night or a party night. Landscape lighting is often employed in the process as it is the main provider of outdoor illumination, be it a private backyard or public park. In general, landscape lighting not only heightens our aesthetic pleasure but also ensures a certain level of security, so that outdoor areas continued to be accessible and safe for activities at all times of the day.

Landscape lighting can be seen as the extension of indoor lighting as it began in the 19th century when the use of gas lights to brighten up indoor areas became popular. Electric light eventually took over in the 20th century and currently, landscape lightings can be powered by electricity or solar energy. Choices of landscape and outdoor lighting are extremely varied, depending on the designs, structures, and atmosphere one wishes to create.

In most cases, landscape lightings consist of a power source and switches targeting different lights. Often, landscape lights are mounted onto walls, trees, or found along with steps and pathways. It is recommended that while designing the layout of the garden, one should also consider the placements of the lightings; since most lamps are readily utilized on treetops, garden ornaments, or architectural plants.

Landscape lighting tends to be of a lower voltage and is also available in warmer colors like yellow or orange, so as to create the right ambiance while not consume too much electricity at the same time.

It is difficult not to mention the role of water in the use of landscape lighting. Be it a pond, fountain, or stream flowing within a garden or a public square, lighting enhances the appearance of water or vice versa. However, installation of lights within the water can be tricky. For example, if lights are coming too close to one another, the effect may be too overwhelming while too scarce will defeat the purpose of lighting up the water area.

Ideally, a water fountain will need at least two light sources – a bright and a dim, to create a standout 3D effect. On the other hand, the types of lights for the pond will depend on the kinds of plants surrounding it. If mature bushes are found near the pond, lightings will have to be found on these trees too, so as to create a shadowy effect, not only showing off the water but the landscape too. If ornamental trees or statues are found near the pond, there is a need for uplighting so that a mirror effect can be created, while submersible lights can be used if fish are found inside the pond.

Landscape lighting and pond can surrender a large room for one to play within, hence always consult a professional landscape designer while you are on your way to revamp your own little space.

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It is hard to forget a dimmer whenever a switch is mentioned. Seen as an additional component to existing light switches, a dimmer allows users to make adjustments to the brightness of lighting by manual alteration.

Like light switches, dimmer switches also come in various styles and designs to blend into the decor of different homes and premises while satisfying the needs of users. First, there is the rocker style dimmer switch. With a white, sleek, and elongated body, the rocker-style dimmer switch looks like an extended version of the existing light switch, except that it is longer. One may not even notice that it is a dimmer switch if they do not pay close attention.

As a result, rocker style is often known for its close-match to normal rectangular home switch. Moreover, such a dimmer switch is also extremely durable, with a preset brightness level available, so that one can just turn on at ease, without worrying about the suitable brightness each time. However, it is because of such subtle change that it is hard for one to spot the change in brightness and the presence of a minute lever also makes it challenging for one to adjust to the level ideal for them.

Next, there is the slide style with the switch. It is relatively easier to use as compared to rocker style because of the tiny handle available for one to adjust the brightness accordingly. Once the handle is set at a position that users find appropriate, they can restore to the small switch above the handle to turn on and off the light. This is to ensure that the users are able to be at their preferred brightness every time they turn on the light. Unfortunately, this two-set design is not very well received.

Third, electronic dimmer. It is the smartest of all dimmer switches and popularly used in staircases whereby brightness at the top and bottom of the stairs can be adjusted at once since most electronic dimmers are able to have control points of a three-way circuit. As they are wireless, the electronic dimmer can be regulated via mobile phone or the internet. There is no need for users to be on-site to command it. Besides, the electronic dimmer is also capable of having fade on and fade off functions, to add tinges of drama to the existing lighting.

In summary, people choose to use a dimmer switch because it is energy-saving and cost-efficient. Making a room less bright will actually help users to save up to 90 percent of electric bills, as the amount of electricity is greatly reduced. With the existence of a dimmer, users can also have a greater say to enhance or minimize illumination in part of the premise. A dimmer will also lengthen the lifespan of the bulb, even if the lights are being dimmed at its minimum. Since they embed so many advantages, why not consider a change today?

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As we own more and more electronic devices, linking them together so that we can have access to either of them at one go become a challenge that many current service providers have to face. As a result, this created a platform for smart wiring to shine. Smart wiring is not a network cable, which many mistake it for.

Generally, smart wiring is the terminal where different kinds of wires used within a premise will reside; it is a melting pot for all electronic devices, sensors, and home system cables too. Smart wiring is clever in the way that it not only has command over all the currently in-use products but is also capable and embeds the capacity to house more when new items are added into the existing structure.

Commonly, a smart wiring platform will consist of wires from the internet, a surveillance system, an audio-visual and home entertainment system, and lighting, etc. Although a smart wiring platform may sound extensive, installation does not need a big team. Usually, one certified smart wired technician will be able to do the job.

While terms like “home automation and control” is in existence for the past decade, smart wiring is still considered an upcoming trend in the market as not many people know of its existence currently. However, it is believed that the situation will change in the near future as people are willing to upgrade their assets to be smart homes.

Some of the advantages of connecting the entire household include energy savings, cost efficiency, centralized surveillance, convenience, and easy monitoring, etc. Despite so, prospective users should also consider the following. First, the necessity of connecting the entire household/premise. If your desire is to connect specific items, a single-purpose product will be good enough.

Next, compatibility and how you will manage the smart wiring system. Beware that although smart wiring is able to unify all home wiring and systems, it may be limited by certain software, especially applications. This will become more prominent while newer electronic gadgets are purchased. Hence, there is always a need to check if the new product accommodates the existing smart wiring system.

Besides, have a good understanding of how the smart wiring system will be controlled over time. While controlling via mobile phones may be handy, one needs to be extra careful looking after it. The losing of a mobile phone may also signify that others may have the chance of getting hold of the smart wiring system, in turn, controlling your household. Furthermore, there are no hackproof electronic products available currently, thus, one should always beware of losing their smart wiring control over to strangers.

In summary, technological advancement always brings additional convenience but we shall never forget the consequences that it can bring to us too.

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