Repairing of Industrial Electronics & Automation Products

Our company is providing Services for Repairing, Modification, and Automation for any Industrial Electronics & Automation Products. We are capable to handle any manufacturers like- Allen Bradley, ABB, AEG, Baumuller, Bosch, Control Techniques, Danfoss, Eurotherm, Fanuc, Fuji, General Electric, Hitachi, Honeywell, Indramat, Infranor, Landis, Lenze, Mitsubishi, Omron, Philips, Reliance, Sick, Siemens, Sprint, SSD, Telemecanique, Thorn, Schneider, Toshiba, Yaskawa, etc… We have substantial experience and repair facilities for equipment for all types of industry, specializing in the repair of AC Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Power Supplies, Interface Boards, Controllers, Converters, Encoders, Input/output Cards, PLCs, HMI, Electronic Circuit Boards, etc.

We troubleshoot at a component level using industry-standard testing equipment. We use the test equipment to look for ‘electronic signatures’ from similar components to ascertain the component’s condition. If we suspect the component to be faulty, we replace it. We continue till all components have been tested on board. After replacing faulty components, we test and run the device through a series of power tests until we are satisfied with the device’s healthy working condition.

As per experience from many manufacturing industries, the breakdown of any machine is a direct loss of money every second. And it costs a huge amount. Therefore our repairing cost is very nominal and we provide faster electronics repair service to reduce your machine breakdown time as well as a diagnosis for the failure of your electronic instrument/device and guidance to avoid such failures in future.

AC Drives/ VFD/ Inverter/ DC Drives/ Soft Starts/ Servo Drives/Servo Amplifiers.
We offer troubleshooting and repair of all types of AC drives/ DC Drive and Soft-Starts from 1/8 to over 1000HP. About 70% of our work is in the AC drive area as they are very common in any industrial process. Our technical staff will quickly find the reason for the fault or failure of your AC drive and advise you of your repair options.

PLC/PLC Cards (DI, DO, AI, AO & SMPS) Each PLC repair is disassembled and cleaned to remove contaminants.
Common failure rate components are replaced.
Unit is diagnosed and failed components are replaced using OEM or better parts.
PLCs are tested utilizing OEM software; Our company’s own generated programs, and run tested in the OEMs PLC rack.
All jobs are static packed to protect the unit during shipment and storage.

Machine Tool/ CNCFor all Siemens and Fanuc Machine Tool Systems
We have the best equipment, best engineers, the best range of spare parts and best test facilities. We are engaged in offering services for CNC Machine Control Cards Repairing, PC board repairing, industrial electronic and CNC board repairing. The experts are instrumental in troubleshooting problems down to the chip level. We provide CNC Machine Control Card repairing services at a cost much lower than those of replacement parts.

Servo Motors
Carry out electrical checks and tests, resistance tests, insulation tests & inductance tests.
Check the condition of feedback devices.
If possible run motor & check against the specification.
The motor is dismantled.
Check bearing housings and shaft for concentricity.
Check mechanical tolerances.
Clean and degrease component parts of the motor.
Remove and replace bearings and seals. Reassembly of the motor.
Realign primary feedback device. Check and test any installed secondary feedback.
Complete test against OEM specification.
Test motor on OEM-specific AC Servo drive.
Spray finishes motor.

HMI/MMI/Industrial PC/Programmers/ Interface Boards
One of the most troublesome parts of any automation system is the display. Whether this is on a machine tool, part of a PLC system, or a custom-designed unit, our company can offer a comprehensive repair and refurbishment service.

All monitors and touch screens are disassembled and cleaned to remove contaminants.
Common failure rate components are replaced.
Unit is diagnosed and failed components are replaced using OEM or better parts.
Touch screens are tested using OEM software, PLC rack, or signal injection equipment.
All jobs are static packed to protect them during shipment and storage

General Electronics/ Dedicated Controller/ OEMs Controller
Many of our customers want a comprehensive service to deal with all of their industrial electronic repair needs. This includes PSU, PCB, Process Control Instrumentation, and Test Instrumentation as well as General Electronics. Our company has risen to this challenge by diversifying into many other areas and gaining the necessary skills enabling us to offer this service with confidence.

Process Instrument (Flow Meters/ Pressure Regulators)
We offer troubleshooting and repair of all types of industrial flow meters/ Process instruments etc. Our technical staff will quickly find the reason for the fault or failure of the flow meter and advise you of your repair options. We repair all flow meters to component level.

UPS Units & Power Supply Units/ Cards/ Chargers
All power supplies are disassembled and cleaned to remove contaminants.
Common failure rate components are replaced.
Unit is diagnosed and failed components are replaced using OEM or better parts.
Each power supply repair is load tested using variable resistive loads. All jobs are static packed to protect it during shipment and storage.

Our company is engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of a wide variety of Panel Products like AMF and PLC.








Q. What should I look for when I call an electrical contractor or an electrician?
A. The contractor or the electrician should be licensed to work in your community. Contact your local government office to determine the proper licensing requirements. Ask for proof of General Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Also, look for references or testimonials to be sure others are happy with the service they have received. Don’t hesitate to ask the contractor or electrician to see their license because reputable companies will be happy to provide it.

Q. Can I do my own electrical work? A. Check with your local community agency to determine the regulations when it comes to doing your own work. Most local governments require you to have a permit to do any electrical work. Anyone performing the work must do it in compliance with the National Electric Code. When the property is sold, most municipalities require an inspection letter from a licensed electrical contractor. Electricity can be extremely powerful and dangerous if mishandled, and many injuries and even deaths by electrocution can be avoided by leaving the work to licensed professionals.

Q. How often should I inspect or test my industrial/commercial electrical equipment?
A. All electrical equipment used in industrial, commercial, or institutional settings should be checked regularly by a licensed professional. Electrical equipment should be inspected at least annually when used in a mild environment. Under severe conditions, the equipment should be checked as frequently as every 30 days in some situations. Keep written records of any inspections to keep track of any symptoms that could be signs of an impending failure.

Q. Why do you need to come out to give me a price?
A. Electrical wiring materials and methods have changed dramatically since home wiring first began, and the National Electrical Code changes every three years. Additional wiring has been added or changed in most homes after they’ve been built. Different acceptable wiring styles and material preferences among electricians of the same time period also must be considered. There is no way to know exactly what will be required to resolve your problem without a visit to your home. Each home’s floor plan, size, foundation style, and attic accessibility are different than the next, even within a single neighborhood. Calculating the price to do any type of electrical work must consider all these variables. Be suspicious of estimates for repair given over the phone, because they are rarely close to being accurate. Most that provide a low estimate over the phone do so in order to gain access to your home, and once the work is in progress the situation changes, unforeseen problems come up and they end up charging more than the estimate. It is in your best interest to have an electrician look at your job and give you an exact price that they will stick with once the work begins, no matter what.

Q. Why do you charge a dispatch fee?
A. All home service contractors incur an expense to send a licensed trained professional to come to your home, even if it is just to quote you a price or give an estimate. Most times, this fee is waived when the work is performed.


Many air conditioners have a lifespan of 10-15 years, but this doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be longer or shorter. the brand of the air conditioner, how you use it, and the way it was connected all add up to affect its durability in the long run. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not know how to manage their AC to ensure its longevity. But there is hope; Our staff of Electricians provides a reliable means for homeowners to be able to source information regarding their air conditioning and heating equipment. We provide a dependable service when it comes to air conditioning connection and maintenance. We are the industry’s experts in the area.

Our Company’s Electric Support Services
Do you have a new home you want to install an air conditioner in, or do you want to replace the existing cooling systems of your old house? You can rely on our Electrical Services. We offer air conditioning support service that is sought after by clients either for their private homes or their commercial properties. Has your air condition developed a fault and it seems to be beyond repair? Call on us! With our emergency helpline and supportive staff, you can be assured that help is not far away. We are available 24/7 to ensure that our clients will always get immediate help and expert advice as needed. Such support services imply that our expert technician will be with you in no time after you call us, to ensure your system’s uptime is highly maximized.

Air Conditioning A/C Connection System
Our Electric team services will ensure that your new air conditioner is installed accurately to ensure its longevity and also prevent electrocution. When you hire us to connect your air conditioner in your new home, be assured that you are hiring expert hands and there wouldn’t be any need to repair your AC in the future if you adhere to our instructions regarding its maintenance and usage.

We Can Make You Understand Your AC Better
Is your AC not cooling enough or you have observed that it is working far below its capacity? Call on us, and we will give you the best advice and check if it is due for repairs or a change. You should never attempt to open your AC and try to rectify the fault yourself unless you are an expert and a licensed AC technician. During the summer season, if you notice a frost on the indoor or outdoor pipes of your AC, it could cause the system not to freeze and cool properly. When such happens, the best thing you can do it to call on the services of a local air conditioning servicing company. We have been serving clients in the area for many years and helping them with their AC connections, installation, and repairs. We are the expert technicians known for quality service and fair pricing. Get in touch with us today!


Electrical feeder layout, electrical roughing-ins, lighting layout, cable pulling, provision of low voltage switchgear and high voltage switch gear, the simple defective lighting fixture, and other equipment, and other minor works, all of these require the competency of a skilled electrician. In this field of professionalism and efficiency electricians evolve. Our electricians are more competitive and in high spirit in providing great and satisfactorily the electrical services one may need. A hundred percent guaranteed satisfaction and worth referring to any person or corporate account. Our Electricians are normally required to be drug tested and background checked to ensure that they are not only technically competent but also have a good character and personality. It is essential that we know the people we trust to enter our place and do the necessary work being required. Competence is nothing if we will be exposed to a high risk of unwanted incidents. Another important thing to consider is that these electricians are always available to assist and go the extra mile in delivering their tasks. In just one call, you do not have to wait in a long queue before you can be attended to. The money you will pay is always worth the services the electricians give. When you need a helping hand with your electrical works, call our electricians. You will always be in good hands.

Here’s What You Can Do When You Absolutely Require The Very Best Electrician At A Reasonable Price So You Can Avoid Getting Ripped Off
What would it mean to your house or business to get any electrical job you need to be executed and be absolutely up to code and look awesome. Here you go… 5 MUST HAVE traits needed for the very best electrician for your job.

MUST-HAVE #1. They must be trained and certified. Not all providers are the exact same. From self-appointed skilled handyman being employed on any odds and ends, to the taught professional who is kept to a higher standard by regulating bodies. All our staff are authorized electricians and take ongoing continuing education classes. They are master craftsmen whose knowledge has been screened before they ever work on a customer’s property or workplace. Your electrician has to have been subject to a rigorous background examination, drug assessment, and ability testing, just so you know you will be getting a genuine professional.

MUST-HAVE #2. They have to be sticklers for the guidelines. Not being up to code not only risk the security of you and your loved ones, but it can also cost you getting the job completed a 2nd time. You may well also be subject to fines or charges. We firmly adhere to and abide by the local and national electrical codes as dictated by the National Electrical Code, which is the standard for the secure installation of electrical wiring and equipment.

MUST-HAVE #3. They have to give you upfront charges. Unfortunately, electrical contractors have earned as harmful a name as crooked mechanics for overpricing and upselling expert services that are certainly not wanted. Our electricians are both sincere and skilled. We’ve seen it all and done it all. We will supply you with a free estimation for any project that is almost always right on target.

MUST-HAVE #4. Deliver on-time services. You are busy, and your time is precious. So having to wait on any electrical contractor simply isn’t acceptable. We will certainly work with you to come across a time that fits your timetable and then fulfill our deadline.

MUST-HAVE #5. Stand by your work. Our company continues to expand for one simple reason. We provide high-quality work that satisfies your expectations. Word of mouth about our great work is the key element to our success. As a matter of fact, we encourage you to talk to everyone about the level of work our electricians have for you.

We would appreciate the opportunity to provide you with the professional electrical work you are looking for. You have completely nothing to lose by chatting to our electricians and discovering exactly what to expect for your task. Here is what you can do now… pick up the telephone and speak to one of our qualified electricians and get a free quote for your electrical jobs. No Job is Too Big Or Small For Our Electricians. Call Today To Have the Best Electricians Solve All Your Electrical Needs.


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