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Repairing of Industrial Electronics & Automation Products

Our company is providing Services for Repairing, Modification, and Automation for any Industrial Electronics & Automation Products. We are capable to handle any manufacturers like- Allen Bradley, ABB, AEG, Baumuller, Bosch, Control Techniques, Danfoss, Eurotherm, Fanuc, Fuji, General Electric, Hitachi, Honeywell, Indramat, Infranor, Landis, Lenze, Mitsubishi, Omron, Philips, Reliance, Sick, Siemens, Sprint, SSD, Telemecanique, Thorn, Schneider, Toshiba, Yaskawa, etc… We have substantial experience and repair facilities for equipment for all types of industry, specializing in the repair of AC Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Power Supplies, Interface Boards, Controllers, Converters, Encoders, Input/output Cards, PLCs, HMI, Electronic Circuit Boards, etc.

We troubleshoot at a component level using industry-standard testing equipment. We use the test equipment to look for ‘electronic signatures’ from similar components to ascertain the component’s condition. If we suspect the component to be faulty, we replace it. We continue till all components have been tested on board. After replacing faulty components, we test and run the device through a series of power tests until we are satisfied with the device’s healthy working condition.

As per experience from many manufacturing industries, the breakdown of any machine is a direct loss of money every second. And it costs a huge amount. Therefore our repairing cost is very nominal and we provide faster electronics repair service to reduce your machine breakdown time as well as a diagnosis for the failure of your electronic instrument/device and guidance to avoid such failures in future.

AC Drives/ VFD/ Inverter/ DC Drives/ Soft Starts/ Servo Drives/Servo Amplifiers.
We offer troubleshooting and repair of all types of AC drives/ DC Drive and Soft-Starts from 1/8 to over 1000HP. About 70% of our work is in the AC drive area as they are very common in any industrial process. Our technical staff will quickly find the reason for the fault or failure of your AC drive and advise you of your repair options.

PLC/PLC Cards (DI, DO, AI, AO & SMPS) Each PLC repair is disassembled and cleaned to remove contaminants.
Common failure rate components are replaced.
Unit is diagnosed and failed components are replaced using OEM or better parts.
PLCs are tested utilizing OEM software; Our company’s own generated programs, and run tested in the OEMs PLC rack.
All jobs are static packed to protect the unit during shipment and storage.

Machine Tool/ CNCFor all Siemens and Fanuc Machine Tool Systems
We have the best equipment, best engineers, the best range of spare parts and best test facilities. We are engaged in offering services for CNC Machine Control Cards Repairing, PC board repairing, industrial electronic and CNC board repairing. The experts are instrumental in troubleshooting problems down to the chip level. We provide CNC Machine Control Card repairing services at a cost much lower than those of replacement parts.

Servo Motors
Carry out electrical checks and tests, resistance tests, insulation tests & inductance tests.
Check the condition of feedback devices.
If possible run motor & check against the specification.
The motor is dismantled.
Check bearing housings and shaft for concentricity.
Check mechanical tolerances.
Clean and degrease component parts of the motor.
Remove and replace bearings and seals. Reassembly of the motor.
Realign primary feedback device. Check and test any installed secondary feedback.
Complete test against OEM specification.
Test motor on OEM-specific AC Servo drive.
Spray finishes motor.

HMI/MMI/Industrial PC/Programmers/ Interface Boards
One of the most troublesome parts of any automation system is the display. Whether this is on a machine tool, part of a PLC system, or a custom-designed unit, our company can offer a comprehensive repair and refurbishment service.

All monitors and touch screens are disassembled and cleaned to remove contaminants.
Common failure rate components are replaced.
Unit is diagnosed and failed components are replaced using OEM or better parts.
Touch screens are tested using OEM software, PLC rack, or signal injection equipment.
All jobs are static packed to protect them during shipment and storage

General Electronics/ Dedicated Controller/ OEMs Controller
Many of our customers want a comprehensive service to deal with all of their industrial electronic repair needs. This includes PSU, PCB, Process Control Instrumentation, and Test Instrumentation as well as General Electronics. Our company has risen to this challenge by diversifying into many other areas and gaining the necessary skills enabling us to offer this service with confidence.

Process Instrument (Flow Meters/ Pressure Regulators)
We offer troubleshooting and repair of all types of industrial flow meters/ Process instruments etc. Our technical staff will quickly find the reason for the fault or failure of the flow meter and advise you of your repair options. We repair all flow meters to component level.

UPS Units & Power Supply Units/ Cards/ Chargers
All power supplies are disassembled and cleaned to remove contaminants.
Common failure rate components are replaced.
Unit is diagnosed and failed components are replaced using OEM or better parts.
Each power supply repair is load tested using variable resistive loads. All jobs are static packed to protect it during shipment and storage.

Our company is engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of a wide variety of Panel Products like AMF and PLC.


For those who have problems with some of the appliances in their home or maybe they have a problem with something else that demands an electrician’s services, then they will certainly need to make sure that they don’t only call a good one, but they also make sure the electrician is certified. Most of the time, electricians are called in when people are building their homes and they need to wire the entire house. Thus, when people are looking for an electrician, there are a few things they will need to keep in mind. Yes, price is very important when choosing one, but there are also other factors to keep in mind while trying to hire the best electricians.

1. To find a certified electrician, one should make sure to look not only in the Yellow Pages but also in the phonebook. There are thousands of them there who are certainly certified and many of them have a lot of experience and are very popular in the area. If these methods though are too outdated for some, checking the internet for the best electricians will likely be a faster process. After using these resources, the individual should make a list of the top 5 electricians he or she has found that could be chosen for the job.

2. Speaking with the area contractors and asking for references in regards to the best electricians is recommended. In fact, one of the best ways to find an electrician is by word of mouth. A general contractor will most of the time hire electricians regularly, so that is why they are good at making reliable recommendations.

3. From the list of electricians gathered, the individual should make sure to give them a call and then ask for a quote. Even though some of them will charge extra money, it’s important to keep in mind that here money is the problem. It’s actually better to listen to the electrician and what he has to say about the project at hand. If the individual has any questions, they should be asked now.
4. Based on the information gathered, a certified electrician should be chosen for the job. Even though people like to save money in these times of economic crisis, choosing the best electricians that employ a low price is not really a good idea. In some cases, a low price can mean they will not do such a good job, so that is why people need to keep this in mind when they make their choice.

Tips and Warnings
It’s important to know whether the electrician will work on one project at a time. Finding out if the project will be a priority for the electrician is also vital information. This is because if the electrician will be working on several projects at a time, the client will need to wait for a long time until his project will be over with, and that’s not something people really enjoy doing!


You’ve found the best Electrician.

Are you looking for an Electrician you can trust? We are the top company to complete the job quickly and within your budget. Our goal is for you to know that we will give you great service. Whether it is a simple plug repair or a larger job, we will do the job right and at a fair price. No Electrician job is too small. We want you satisfied with our service. We want to be your family electrician; the people you call on day or night for all your electrical needs.

The safety of your home and your business is our top concern. We ALWAYS do the best job possible and never cut corners to finish the assignment quicker to save us money. As your Electrician, we always use quality materials, never inferior materials. Our efforts meet all standards and government building codes. If you are looking for an on-time, honest, fair-priced Electrician, we are your company. Our years of service in the area have gained us a 5-star reputation as the premier Electricians.

No Other Electrician Will Take Care Of You Like We Will!
Our years of service as the premier area Electrician and our long list of satisfied customers speak for themselves. Much of our business comes from our satisfied customers telling their friends. Also, we make it our goal to keep up to date on the latest technologies through our continuing education program. You deserve the most up-to-date Electrician. You hire our Electricians because they are trained professionals. Electricity can be dangerous, so why take any chances. You want the job done right. You want your family safe. And you want the confidence of knowing you got a good deal from the Electrician; that you weren’t tricked. That’s why our satisfied clients know we don’t just provide great electrical services, as Electricians we provide peace of mind.

Unfortunately, as the best area Electrician and due to our great service and many referrals, our schedule fills up quickly. We are careful to not overbook in order to take the time needed to serve our clients well. So call now that we may provide you with excellent service as the top area Electrician! We guarantee you will not be disappointed. If you are a new customer, you can take advantage of our $25 NEW CUSTOMER DISCOUNT! Remember, you’re not only getting the best Electrician, but you’re also getting peace of mind. You can rest assured that the job will be done correctly, your property will be safe and the price will be right! Let us be your local Electrician.

What Is Your Electrical Need? “We Take Pride In Satisfying Our Customers! Give Us A Call!”


Do you need electricians?

If you ever require the services of highly regarded, dependable, and approved electricians and local electrical contractors, contact our electrical company. We tackle all aspects of electrical installations and repairs as well as routine maintenance services. With the skills, expertise, and qualifications to successfully undertake virtually any electrical work, there’s no task too large or too small for our highly recommended electricians.

Certified Electricians
All jobs will be finished in the least amount of time possible and we endeavor to cause minimum interference to your home and your daily life. We take a good deal of satisfaction and enjoyment in a job well done and we continually strive for maximum client satisfaction, aiming to exceed expectations every time. Specified underneath are a number of the comprehensive range of electrical services we offer:
* Licensed electricians
* Electrician contractors
* Electrical installation
* Full and part rewires
* Fault finding and rectification
* Inspection, testing & electrical certification
* Fuse boards
* Rewiring & House rewiring
* New builds
* Showers
* Alarms
* Security lighting and emergency lighting
* Fully insured

We realize that people may have special and unusual requirements. Our qualified electricians and electrician contractors make sure to do their best to accommodate each individual idea and will do their best to achieve it, regardless of how unconventional! Telephone us to have a chat today, or maybe take a look below for a detailed description of an assortment of our services. This may serve to provide you with ideas, or simply remind you of what you have to call us, your local electrical contractor about!

Domestic Electrician
As seasoned domestic electricians, we have an in-depth knowledge of the functionality and characteristics of the typical home electrical system, having worked on them for quite some time. From minor jobs like installing additional sockets to full rewires, our electricians have the practical knowledge and experience to get the job done effectively and safely.

Rewires & House Rewires
If you have in recent months moved in to or decided to buy an older property, it may need electrical rewiring. With many years of expert experience in delivering electrical wiring installation and full/part house rewires to any and all different kinds of houses in the area, we’re able to perform a thorough series of examinations to discover what approach, if any, your new property needs. Making sure that you and your new home are as safe and secure as possible is our ultimate aim.

PAT Testing
Our Electrical Services’ PAT Testing procedures tend to be chiefly targeted at the commercial and industrial sector, where the process is a legal requirement over regular intervals from three months to a year. Having said that, if you are a non-commercial customer and you think that an appliance of yours is malfunctioning (fuses tripping constantly, light bulbs dimming as soon as the item is plugged in, etc.) we’re able to offer these services to you too.

Electrical Testing
In addition to our PAT testing services, we also offer a full and comprehensive range of electrical testing services. Whatever gremlins are lurking in your electrical system, we’ll find them and eliminate them, leaving you with one less thing to be worried about.

Fire Alarms, Smoke Alarms, and Burglar Alarms
Do you need to have a fire alarm or security alarm in place at your place of business? It’s possible you think you need a burglar alarm in your house? We can help with these and a lot more, from the more regular fire or intruder alarms right up to the top of the range with remote monitoring. If you already have a system installed and need a dependable firm to handle servicing or repair, we can help you in that respect too.

This represents simply a selection of the services and products on offer. Should you need a service that is not stated on this page, or if you’re tired of trying to find a registered electrician who is experienced and reliable, be sure to telephone and talk with a member of staff to obtain additional details. One of our domestic electricians will take into account your specific electrical requirements and offer you a plan to fulfill your exact needs.


There are very few among us who haven’t experienced blackouts and power outages. For people who are used to the amenities of modern society, these blackouts can be a major annoyance. We’re quick to forget how reliant we are on the electricity that runs our daily lives, it brings us everything from television to heated water, to unspoiled food and drink. However, when an electrical problem arises, your Electrician will be available to help you out, be it installing a new electrical breaker box or fixing a faulty outlet.

Your Electrician specializes in the installation, upgrade, and repair of wiring in homes and businesses. An electrician can also install new wiring for appliances such as stoves or the addition of a dishwasher and he takes care of repairs on existing outlets or circuit breakers boxes. Not only does the Electrician work on residential and business projects, but he also works on maintaining the electrical wiring used in factory-based industries. Sometimes, he also works on mobile platforms like trolley cars, ships, subways, and airplanes. Anywhere in your city where there is electricity, there is also an Electrician making sure the power’s working correctly.

The categories under which an Electrician can work are many. These categories describe the complexity and location of the wiring work he does. The job of an Electrician calls for in-depth knowledge of electricity. However, he may choose to specialize. The main areas where an Electrician will do wiring work are industrial, commercial, residential, and light industrial. A service electrician will have more expertise in troubleshooting and repairing outdated wiring. But, when it comes to an Electrician working in the construction field, he will be more efficient at the installation of wiring. If there are other electricians in your area dealing in research, stage lighting, and marine wiring, your Electrician will probably know about them. Each category represents a different focus and a slightly different skill set, but you can be sure your Electrician can help you get the power you need.

An Electrician has to undergo extensive in order to get their licensing. All electricians must be licensed, registered, or certified due to the hazardous nature of their work. Any kind of carelessness could result in fires, accidents, or explosions. Therefore, whenever some work needs to be done make certain you hire a licensed professional Electrician. To become an expert in his field and earn the title of a Journeyman, your Electrician needs to invest a lot of time studying various subjects related to electricity and take apprenticeships under master electricians. A good electrician knows the phases in the installation of electrical construction. He also understands that based on the architecture of the building and its age, the wiring will be different. Once the installation is complete, he knows how to maintain it. More than just an expert, your Electrician is an experienced and well-educated Journeyman. He will be able to handle any task with confidence and efficiency.

Electrical problems can usually be noticed quite easily. The common signs of serious electrical problems are sparking, smoking, and the presence of a strange smell. Because electrical fires can be deadly, you should call in an Electrician to examine your home if you notice any of these issues. Even if you are not sure there is a problem, but there is a slight doubt in your mind, that you need to get your house inspected by an Electrician. If your house floods frequently, is located directly under high power lines, is very old, or has a lot of electronic equipment and gadgets, it could be prone to more electrical problems. Can imagine how deadly basement flooding can be if there are any breaks in the wiring or if the fuse box is below the water level. Electrified water cannot be recognized easily and contact with it means instantaneous death. In the event that there is a flood in your basement and you have no power, call your Electrician to fix it.

Do not confuse your Electrician with a representative from the power company. Power company representatives are only assigned in cases where the problem is directly related to the power company. This includes such things as turning the power on or off at the source or re-instating power after an outage or shutoff. Undoubtedly these people have training. But they are not qualified to handle work like inspection of the wiring in your house for faults and correcting them. Call your Electrician to get these problems fixed. Whether it is a home improvement or smaller renovation project, it is bound to include some degree of electrical wiring. For instance, installing a light fixture means checking whether the light switch is connected to your home’s power supply. For the safe and proper installation of your light fixture, get in touch with your Electrician. If you read directions that tell you how to do the job yourself, don’t do it. As mentioned before, electrical fires can be deadly and they can be sparked by the tiniest error in wiring. For the safety of your life and those of your family members, seek the help of an Electrician before you start any work related to home improvement. An experienced Electrician can avert potential accidents and save your life. If you want safe and secure wiring for your home, make an appointment today.


When you want great service for your electrical repairs, upgrades, and new installations, you’ll be delighted with our Electrical Company’s commitment to provide you with the friendliest and most professional electrical experience. No other electricians go as far as us to put a smile on our customers’ faces. Read more about your guarantees below, or read from our other happy customers on this page here.

1. Up-Front Pricing: With Our Electrical Company, you know the full price in advance before you give us the go-ahead. It means complete peace of mind with a single flat rate quote, rather than worrying about how long it will take. You can relax with us.
2. Satisfaction Guaranteed Red Carpet Service: We offer our customers red carpet service – which means every customer is a VIP, and their service is backed up by a satisfaction guarantee. Our electricians wear shoe covers to protect your flooring, lay down a mat in their work area, and perform a thorough clean-up afterward. It’s about showing respect for you and your home.
3. The Tidiest Electricians: Our electricians are clean-cut, wear a pressed uniform, and we hire only the kind of electricians we’d be delighted to have in our own homes.
4. On-Time or We Pay you up to $100! You can be sure that we will be there on time – so much so that if we’re late we’ll pay you up to $100 ($5 off for every minute up to a maximum of $100 off). It’s proof of how much we value your busy schedule.
5. Rapid Response, 24 Hours, 7 Days: We operate our electrical teams from multiple locations with live GPS tracking, meaning we can dispatch the closest available team direct to your door. It all makes for the elite electrical response when you need an electrician in an emergency, 24 hours, 7 days.
6. Professional: All of our electricians are trained to the highest international standards and are fully insured and licensed. You can be sure of the most professional electrical service.
7. Trusted for over 20 years: As a company with over 20 years of servicing the area’s maintenance needs, we are already trusted in tens of thousands of homes across the city.
8. Written Guarantees: All of our workmanship is backup up by signed, written guarantees. On some limited services, we are even able to offer LIFETIME guarantees on your new installation, for as long as you own the property (conditions apply, call for details).
9. Financing for Approved Applicants: We can help you apply for competitive financing on new installations. Terms and conditions apply, subject to approval. Contact us for more information and full terms.
10. Save Money: We can help you save money with our special offers and discounts. Not only that, but our investment in the latest diagnostic technology can help save you time and money too.
11. Friendly and Helpful: Above all, you can be sure of friendly and helpful electricians who take the time to explain the options and assist you with making the best choice for your electrical needs. For all your electrical repairs, upgrades, and new installations in the area, call and speak with us today.


Power outages and blackouts are very common in everyone’s life. These blackouts can be rather shocking and frustrating for those of us who are used to the comforts that everyday life offers. We owe all the comforts of our life to electricity, which plays a major role in our life. Right from cooking and cleaning to television and computers. All this depends on electricity.

The good news is that you can count on our Electricians whenever you have any trouble related to electricity, whether it’s repairing a broken outlet or installing completely new wiring. Installing, upgrading, and repairing wiring in residential and commercial properties can be efficiently handled by our Electricians. The electrician will add wiring if you’re buying some new appliances and he can also add a new circuit breaker panel if you need one. Apart from working in houses and business properties, our Electricians also look after the maintenance of electrical wiring in factory and manufacturing industries. We can also be called in to work on ships, subways, airplanes, and trolley cars. Where ever you have electricity, you will find our Electricians making sure that all is in working condition.

There are many different categories under which our Electricians might work. These categories describe the complexity and location of the wiring work they do. The job of an Electrician calls for in-depth knowledge of electricity. However, he may choose to specialize. Industrial, commercial, residential, and light industries are the main areas in which our Electricians carry out wiring work. Service electricians are specialists in dealing with problems like troubleshooting and repairing old wiring. On the other hand, our Electricians in the construction field might know more about installing the wiring than he or she does about troubleshooting it. Our Electricians are probably aware of other electricians in the area specializing in research, marine wiring, and stage lighting. Each category represents a different focus and a slightly different skill set, but you can be sure our Electricians can help you get the power you need.

Our Electricians have to undergo extensive training in order to get their licensing. All electricians must be licensed, registered, or certified due to the hazardous nature of their work. Any kind of carelessness could result in fires, accidents, or explosions. Therefore, whenever some work needs to be done make certain you hire a licensed professional Electrician. To become adept at his job, your Electrician has spent several years learning about electrical theory and electrical building codes. Along with this, he also has to undertake an apprenticeship for several years with a master electrician. There are many aspects of electrical construction that he is familiar with, such as the different phases involved, the difference in wiring for each building, and the maintenance of all electrical equipment once all the work is done. In fact, our Electricians are experienced, well-educated, and well-rounded Journeymen who are able to see any work through confidently and intelligently.

Electrical problems can usually be noticed quite easily. These are the signs that indicate the presence of a hazardous electrical problem sparking, an acrid smell, smoking, and warping of materials that are around the outlets or light switches. Because electrical fires can be deadly, you should call in an Electrician to examine your home if you notice any of these issues. Even if you don’t, you should have your home inspected by an Electrician if you suspect there may be a problem. If your home frequently floods, is around or beneath high power lines, is more than a decade old, or currently houses many electronics, our Electricians can make sure your risk of electrical mishaps is reduced. You can imagine how deadly basement flooding can be if there are any breaks in the wiring or if the fuse box is below the water level. Call our Electricians if your basement is flooded and there is no power in your house. Do not attempt to fix the problem yourself. It is difficult to ascertain whether the water is electrified or not, and stepping into it could be extremely dangerous.

Several people confuse technicians from the power company with an Electrician. While the power company does employ electricians, the two are very different people. Power company technicians only step in if the problem concerns the power company directly. Some of these problems are turning the power on or off at the source, or re-instating power after there has been an outage or shutoff. While these people have a lot of training, they are not equipped to deal with the electrical problems of your house. They will not be able to check and correct the faults in your home’s wiring. Neither will they be able to install major appliances for you. If you want these problems fixed correctly, you need to call an experienced Electrician.

Almost any home improvement or renovation project will involve electricity. If you’re looking to install a new lighting fixture, for example, you will have to make sure the light switch is connected to your home’s power supply. Instead of doing it yourself, you should call our Electricians who will make sure that the job is done properly and safely. If you see directions that claim you can do the job yourself, it’s best not to rely on them. As mentioned before, electrical fires can be deadly and they can be sparked by the tiniest error in wiring. Before you start on a home improvement project, get assistance from our Electricians. It could mean the safety of you and your family’s lives. Advice from an experienced Electrician can save your life. For the safe and secure wiring of your home, call us right away.


Q. What should I look for when I call an electrical contractor or an electrician?
A. The contractor or the electrician should be licensed to work in your community. Contact your local government office to determine the proper licensing requirements. Ask for proof of General Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Also, look for references or testimonials to be sure others are happy with the service they have received. Don’t hesitate to ask the contractor or electrician to see their license because reputable companies will be happy to provide it.

Q. Can I do my own electrical work? A. Check with your local community agency to determine the regulations when it comes to doing your own work. Most local governments require you to have a permit to do any electrical work. Anyone performing the work must do it in compliance with the National Electric Code. When the property is sold, most municipalities require an inspection letter from a licensed electrical contractor. Electricity can be extremely powerful and dangerous if mishandled, and many injuries and even deaths by electrocution can be avoided by leaving the work to licensed professionals.

Q. How often should I inspect or test my industrial/commercial electrical equipment?
A. All electrical equipment used in industrial, commercial, or institutional settings should be checked regularly by a licensed professional. Electrical equipment should be inspected at least annually when used in a mild environment. Under severe conditions, the equipment should be checked as frequently as every 30 days in some situations. Keep written records of any inspections to keep track of any symptoms that could be signs of an impending failure.

Q. Why do you need to come out to give me a price?
A. Electrical wiring materials and methods have changed dramatically since home wiring first began, and the National Electrical Code changes every three years. Additional wiring has been added or changed in most homes after they’ve been built. Different acceptable wiring styles and material preferences among electricians of the same time period also must be considered. There is no way to know exactly what will be required to resolve your problem without a visit to your home. Each home’s floor plan, size, foundation style, and attic accessibility are different than the next, even within a single neighborhood. Calculating the price to do any type of electrical work must consider all these variables. Be suspicious of estimates for repair given over the phone, because they are rarely close to being accurate. Most that provide a low estimate over the phone do so in order to gain access to your home, and once the work is in progress the situation changes, unforeseen problems come up and they end up charging more than the estimate. It is in your best interest to have an electrician look at your job and give you an exact price that they will stick with once the work begins, no matter what.

Q. Why do you charge a dispatch fee?
A. All home service contractors incur an expense to send a licensed trained professional to come to your home, even if it is just to quote you a price or give an estimate. Most times, this fee is waived when the work is performed.


Many air conditioners have a lifespan of 10-15 years, but this doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be longer or shorter. the brand of the air conditioner, how you use it, and the way it was connected all add up to affect its durability in the long run. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not know how to manage their AC to ensure its longevity. But there is hope; Our staff of Electricians provides a reliable means for homeowners to be able to source information regarding their air conditioning and heating equipment. We provide a dependable service when it comes to air conditioning connection and maintenance. We are the industry’s experts in the area.

Our Company’s Electric Support Services
Do you have a new home you want to install an air conditioner in, or do you want to replace the existing cooling systems of your old house? You can rely on our Electrical Services. We offer air conditioning support service that is sought after by clients either for their private homes or their commercial properties. Has your air condition developed a fault and it seems to be beyond repair? Call on us! With our emergency helpline and supportive staff, you can be assured that help is not far away. We are available 24/7 to ensure that our clients will always get immediate help and expert advice as needed. Such support services imply that our expert technician will be with you in no time after you call us, to ensure your system’s uptime is highly maximized.

Air Conditioning A/C Connection System
Our Electric team services will ensure that your new air conditioner is installed accurately to ensure its longevity and also prevent electrocution. When you hire us to connect your air conditioner in your new home, be assured that you are hiring expert hands and there wouldn’t be any need to repair your AC in the future if you adhere to our instructions regarding its maintenance and usage.

We Can Make You Understand Your AC Better
Is your AC not cooling enough or you have observed that it is working far below its capacity? Call on us, and we will give you the best advice and check if it is due for repairs or a change. You should never attempt to open your AC and try to rectify the fault yourself unless you are an expert and a licensed AC technician. During the summer season, if you notice a frost on the indoor or outdoor pipes of your AC, it could cause the system not to freeze and cool properly. When such happens, the best thing you can do it to call on the services of a local air conditioning servicing company. We have been serving clients in the area for many years and helping them with their AC connections, installation, and repairs. We are the expert technicians known for quality service and fair pricing. Get in touch with us today!


Electrical feeder layout, electrical roughing-ins, lighting layout, cable pulling, provision of low voltage switchgear and high voltage switch gear, the simple defective lighting fixture, and other equipment, and other minor works, all of these require the competency of a skilled electrician. In this field of professionalism and efficiency electricians evolve. Our electricians are more competitive and in high spirit in providing great and satisfactorily the electrical services one may need. A hundred percent guaranteed satisfaction and worth referring to any person or corporate account. Our Electricians are normally required to be drug tested and background checked to ensure that they are not only technically competent but also have a good character and personality. It is essential that we know the people we trust to enter our place and do the necessary work being required. Competence is nothing if we will be exposed to a high risk of unwanted incidents. Another important thing to consider is that these electricians are always available to assist and go the extra mile in delivering their tasks. In just one call, you do not have to wait in a long queue before you can be attended to. The money you will pay is always worth the services the electricians give. When you need a helping hand with your electrical works, call our electricians. You will always be in good hands.

Here’s What You Can Do When You Absolutely Require The Very Best Electrician At A Reasonable Price So You Can Avoid Getting Ripped Off
What would it mean to your house or business to get any electrical job you need to be executed and be absolutely up to code and look awesome. Here you go… 5 MUST HAVE traits needed for the very best electrician for your job.

MUST-HAVE #1. They must be trained and certified. Not all providers are the exact same. From self-appointed skilled handyman being employed on any odds and ends, to the taught professional who is kept to a higher standard by regulating bodies. All our staff are authorized electricians and take ongoing continuing education classes. They are master craftsmen whose knowledge has been screened before they ever work on a customer’s property or workplace. Your electrician has to have been subject to a rigorous background examination, drug assessment, and ability testing, just so you know you will be getting a genuine professional.

MUST-HAVE #2. They have to be sticklers for the guidelines. Not being up to code not only risk the security of you and your loved ones, but it can also cost you getting the job completed a 2nd time. You may well also be subject to fines or charges. We firmly adhere to and abide by the local and national electrical codes as dictated by the National Electrical Code, which is the standard for the secure installation of electrical wiring and equipment.

MUST-HAVE #3. They have to give you upfront charges. Unfortunately, electrical contractors have earned as harmful a name as crooked mechanics for overpricing and upselling expert services that are certainly not wanted. Our electricians are both sincere and skilled. We’ve seen it all and done it all. We will supply you with a free estimation for any project that is almost always right on target.

MUST-HAVE #4. Deliver on-time services. You are busy, and your time is precious. So having to wait on any electrical contractor simply isn’t acceptable. We will certainly work with you to come across a time that fits your timetable and then fulfill our deadline.

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