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Nowadays, our environment is facing growing pressures than before, various kinds of environment problems are emerging, which greatly hinder our social and economic development, one of which is the water pollution problem, has already becoming a crucial problem that need us to solve in no time. So there is in a great need of some counterplans to coop with these problems, among these problems, the wastewater is the most serious one, so our societies need to establish more and more wastewater treatment plants and then first of all we need to make some wastewater treatment plant designs.
When making the wastewater treatment plant design, we should consider some issues such as what kind of equipments do we need when build wastewater treatment plant.
As far as I know, there is a brand called Filtralite, which is suitable for different wastewater treatment plant design, both for municipal and industrial effluents, they have different kinds of equipments for our wastewater treatment plant design such as: the Biological treatment, Tertiary filtration, Odour treatment as well as the Effluent water treatment and so on.
I have made some researches on this brand’s equipments when construct wastewater treatment plant design, I found that this brand’s productions has large pore volumes and surface areas which could make it an ideal media for biological treatment of wastewater. Also I found that when making the wastewater treatment plant design, the Biofilm processes are excellent for treating water containing nitrogen, BOD etc. as there are many years of experience and evidence have shown that this brand’s products are the perfect media for building up some wastewater treatment plant design, and put these wastewater treatment plant designs into real practice in the future.
Also during the survey of assuming a wastewater treatment plant design, I know that If extra strict outlet levels are required, tertiary filters are used. Also this brand’s products have the ideal properties for use in mono- or multi media tertiary filters. If we adopt this kind of equipment in our wastewater treatment plant design, the large porosity of the grains gives low head loss and high storage capacity for suspended solids, resulting in long filter runs and low operational costs.
But to put a wastewater treatment plant design into practice is not that easy, first we need to get permissions from local government, then we must have enough space for build up this high wastewater treatment plant according to the wastewater treatment plant design, and then the most difficult parts of fulfilling the wastewater treatment plant design is the high requirement of technology, as well as enough money either donated by government founds or collecting from the local industries, these things are just some basic factors that we need to take into account when carrying out the wastewater treatment plant design, there are far more difficulties in the future when we fulfill the wastewater treatment plant design.

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I think everyone has learnt the knowledge in your primary school, that nature has an amazing ability to cope with small amounts of water wastes and pollution, but it would be overwhelmed if we didn’t treat the billions of gallons of wastewater and sewage produced every day before releasing it back to the environment. That’s why our water resources are seriously polluted and there is no way to control it unless to take some measures for example, to build up a wastewater treatment plant, wastewater treatment plants could help us reduce pollutants in wastewater to a level nature can handle, and control the tense situation.
Before we talk about the wastewater treatment plant let together know something about the wastewater, the wastewater is used water. It includes substances such as human waste, food scraps, oils, soaps and chemicals. In homes, this includes water from sinks, showers, bathtubs, toilets, washing machines and dishwashers. Businesses and industries also contribute their share of used water that must be cleaned. So you see, there are nearly hundreds of wastewater, when designing the wastewater treatment plant as well kinds of professional wastewater treatment plant equipments we must take all these things into consideration.
Do you guys know there need some special permissions when build a wastewater treatment plant? Yes, according to the professional regulation in the world, the new EPP2 regulations we know that any plants, if the local government or some private companies, factories want to build a wastewater treatment plant, they must get some permission which is to pass with the EN12566-3 2005 Certification that are allowed to register for the Discharge Permit or Exemption now required by the Environment Agency.
This step is the primary first one in the whole process of building up a comprehensive wastewater treatment plant, then there are still numerable problems people should to consider.
Another question, What’s the aim of building a wastewater treatment plant?
Well, I have concluded the aims of building a wastewater treatment plant in sentence, The major aim of setting up a wastewater treatment plant is to remove as much of the suspended solids as possible before the remaining water, called effluent, is discharged back to the environment. As solid material decays, it uses up oxygen, which is needed by the plants and animals living in the water.
According to our current processing ability, a medium-sized wastewater treatment plant could remove about 60 percent of suspended solids from wastewater. This treatment also involves aerating the wastewater, to put oxygen back in. if there is dual processing procedure in our wastewater treatment plant, the secondary treatment removes more than 90 percent of suspended solids.
So to conclude in one word, in order to give our offspring a continuing and sustainable earth and developing space, please take care of everything we get from our nature, and vigorously carrying out the plans of building wastewater treatment plants.

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Alternative Power Source Benefits and drawbacks

Due to improving global energy intake and the likely exhaustion of the globe’s non-renewable power source, means of exploring and making use of alternate power sources are being embarked on. Utilizing alternate power source could be both helpful and difficult. Let us check out the various benefits and drawbacks of different electricity source.

A major advantage of sustainable power is that it is eco-friendly as a result it is lasting and will never go out. A lot more importantly renewable resource produces little or no waste products that could contaminate or has harmful effects on the environment.

Some countries making use of renewable resource as an additional source of power are additionally revealing some economic advantages specifically in lots of local locations. Many of their tasks are found away from the urban centers and resources cities. They had the ability to enhance the usage of local services in addition to tourism.

General disadvantage of using renewable resource is that it is challenging to produce big quantities of power the same as that of traditional nonrenewable fuel sources. An additional usual problem among different power sources is the reliability of the electricity supply. Considering that it is normally created, renewable resource supply relies on the climate.

One more downside or disadvantage of alternate energy source is that it is relatively much more expensive to establish the tools essential for generating the electricity.

Here are the a number of benefits and downsides of different power source.

• Solar energy- the sun is a wonderful source of energy given that it is free and is efficient. It is feasible to maximize the energy offered by the sunlight to replace conventional energy. But there are limits, like areas at high latitude and areas with constant rains are spots not qualified of creating efficient solar electricity.

• Wind power- wind is also an effective electrical energy source. It is feasible that wind electricity can switch out up to 20 percent of the total electric consumption in the future. It is additionally a quite environment friendly source of electricity because there are no dangerous gases generated while changing the electricity. Place is a vital consider making use of wind energy, higher latitudes and coastline lines excel places to establish windmills. A relatively big land location is additionally had to install ample number of windmills.

• Hydroelectric and tidal electricity- both of these power originated from water. With hydroelectric power it is primarily sourced from dams. Tidal energy, on the various other hand, utilizes the natural tides of the ocean. Production of energy from water is an additional clean method of producing energy. Nonetheless there are several disadvantages. Placing up stream dams as sources of hydroelectric energy is very pricey, while tidal electricity source depends a lot on the sea. Considering that seas has a tendency to unpredictable there are simply 9 areas worldwide that agree with for this kind of electricity source. And tidal electricity nuclear power plant are likewise mentioned to offer unfavorable impacts on the migratory birds and the fishes.

• Biomass- biomass includes fermented pet waste, agricultural plants, grains and various other natural products. It could be used to create a liquor and additionally switch out gasoline requirements. It takes full advantage of waste products as a different energy source. A drawback, it that it still creates greenhouse gas.

Alternative power sources although it is sustainable likewise present some negative aspects. Yet its unfavourable effects are fairly smaller than the harmful effects of traditional fossil fuels. The search for a cost-effective and ecological friendly choice energy source does not stop on the most up to date discovery.

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